You are Love

You are Love

Do you realise that you are beautiful inside and out?
That you were created with a purpose in mind?

Know above all else beautiful, that you are love.

Love is within you, within me. The only place it can be found.

It doesn’t come from outside of us and it isn’t something that can be taken away. It requires us to lay down the b.s. stories we tell ourselves and be naked and vulnerable.

When we feel lacking in any area of our lives, it’s a sure sign we’ve forgotten who we truly are. We lose ourselves and identify with our ego telling us we’re too much of this, too little of that, never quite right. But in every moment we have an opportunity to let go of our story, go beyond the ego’s petty games to a timeless love; to taste the fullness of happiness.

Take a deep cleansing breath with me now.. and let the feeling of love fill your heart completely.

For this moment, just let go.

We all try so hard to get it right, to be better, to improve ourselves; just for this moment stop trying so hard and just be.

Be with your beautiful self.

You’re perfect as you are.

You are loved, loveable and loving.

“You can search the entire universe and not find a single¬†person more worthy of love than you.”

You are you.

You are love.

Right now, as you are.

Whenever you feel scattered or pressured this week, place your hand on your heart and connect to that infinite well of love at the center of your being.

Check in. Be conscious. And love big.

All love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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