When There Is Dark, Self-Love

When There Is Dark, Self-Love

I’ve been thinking about you.

That maybe you needed a message today to remind you of how amazingly beautiful and wonderful and caring you are. Of how you are light and joy and also shade. And that shade is so important to embrace.

You are never alone. Anytime you feel that life is running away from you, simply turn inwards.

When you feel lonely or just in a downright funking funk and the world seems against you, remember to turn to love. There is none out there that should be relied upon to make us feel… something, anything, loved, or happy or whole – than ourselves.

Remember beautiful amazing soul,when there is dark, self-love.

When you are low, self-love.

When you are sad, mad, angry, anxious, miserable, flat, moody, sombre, or melancholy… self-love.

What would love want for you?

What would love ask of you to do?

Love you beautiful.

Love YOU.

You are so worthy.

All love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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