Welcome to Happiness Lifestyle v2.0

Welcome to Happiness Lifestyle v2.0

She’s grace, she’s light, she’s joy and she’s MAGIC.
Hello Game Changer! 

Today is a very VERY special day, friends.

The new Happiness Lifestyle websiteis LIVE.

And hand-on-heart, I don’t think I can be more delighted to share the news that I have LAUNCHED.

Yep, my new website is up and running and ready for your eyes to feast upon. 

There were hundreds of hours spent brainstorming, keyboard bashing, migrating data, burning the midnight oil in the studio for edits.

Countless green juices consumed, meeting rituals, flatlays for days and cacao balls devoured (all in the name of research of course!).

Gentle reminders etched into journals, sound business advice from Marie Forleo “everything is figureoutable”; mantras of progress not perfection scrawled on post its.

It has been a long journey.

But change and growth is necessary; it was time to align how my work is presented with how it feels (and how I, as the creator, feel).

More importantly, it was time to step up and align with my vulnerable authenticity. Because courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be truly seen.

Being your most authentic self liberates others. And you. Truly.  

Of course – because alongside the magic comes the growth – it’s also stretched me, brought me to tears, upped my resilience, and called me to embody what I preach… daily.

So, here I am, party hat on, ready to celebrate.

I am unashamedly proud of myself. And why shouldn’t I be?!

This is my heart, my soul – as it always has been. Almost 9 months in the making.

Which brings me to my north star.

I founded Happiness Lifestyle as a place to share, guide and inspire YOU back home to yourself, to improve your wellbeing and for anyone whose health may be suffering, just like mine was.


Let me introduce my new site by way of this intention:

For every single pixel of every single page and post to absolutely LIGHT YOU UP!!!

I would love to know what you think.

Enjoy it.

Share it, tell your friends and USE it.

Right now, I’m shifting gears – chk-chk-chk – and turning this over to you.

And whilst I’m enjoying the re-launch of my sweet babe for the next little while, the creative cogs are spinning and plans are brewing: so;

I’d love to hear what YOU need / most desire when it comes to blog posts and specific products and programs from me.

Hit the comments below if you have something you’re burning to learn more about or need guidance with.

In the meantime, a little flatlay to get the party started.

I hope you fall in love with 2.0 as much as I have.

With love and nerves and excitement,

xo, rosie 135x25

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