The Truth About Self-Worth

The Truth About Self-Worth

If we’re afraid of how we’re seen in the world, it’s just feedback that we see ourselves that way…

When we don’t feel good enough we:
  • Edit ourselves
  • People-please
  • Hide
  • Become inauthentic…

So much so that if it goes on long enough, we don’t know who we are anymore.

We can project this scarcity mindset onto everything:

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money
  • I’m not enough
We all have our flavour of not enough go-to conclusions we tell ourselves for why things didn’t happen:
  • Not healthy enough
  • Not successful enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Fill in the blank ______.

Let’s slow it down… if we’re judging or denying a part of ourselves, we won’t feel enough.

Of course we wouldn’t feel whole, we’ve left a part of ourselves out.

The ‘bad’ parts also contains the key to our wholeness.

What you think is the bad in you, is the missing piece, is a part of the puzzle to you feeling complete and enough.

Ironically, the last place you would think to look is where it’s been hiding…

Watch as I share ways to move through the feeling of ‘not good enough’ so you can use it to help you experience your wholeness.

The truth is ‘Not Enough’ is just a habit of thinking. 

It’s not bad, it’s just feedback that we’re caught in a story. It has nothing to do with who you really are.

Every time you catch this story, you weaken the pattern of it. You wake up out of the trance of scarcity.

You are so much more than you could ever imagine yourself to be.

I’m here to remind you of how incredible you really are.

Luckily, YOU, are what you’re wanting… The real you.

And, when you’re not lost in stories of not enough, you can more fully experience this for yourself.

Moment to moment you can question this and free yourself… and as you do, everyone in your life is touched by this.

I hope this video serves your greater freedom. And if there is someone in your world that needs to hear this message, share it with them, let them know you’re here and truly see them…

We are in this together.

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