Suki van Koeverden | Marketing Maverick & Competition Strategist

Suki van Koeverden | Marketing Maverick & Competition Strategist

After attending the Rise Up conference and meeting Rosie, I knew she would be the one to help me bring a new business idea to life. Before, I struggled with having the confidence and conviction to follow through on my strategies and plans, I didn’t realise that I was holding myself back from success and happiness by subconsciously sabotaging myself and keeping myself small. The mix of practical business planning and deep healing to bring out all the beliefs and stories I’d been hanging on to that I no longer needed, showed me how much more I could achieve if I let go of them.

The results of working through, processing and integrating years of beliefs and stories were almost INSTANT – from better quality clients to higher and more consistent income. And in such a rapid space of time!

Beyond all the incredible results in my business, I have to say the most valuable outcome for me was learning to love and trust myself again so I know these changes will be permanent and I’ll be able to continue to grow my business and my income exponentially.


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