Soulful Success Accelerator

Completely transform your business and accelerate your wealth in just 4 months!

Do you desire ….

Going from 0% conversion success to $30k in a fortnight?

Filling your group program to capacity within a week of launching?

Having a waitlist full of dream clients?

Working less, but earning more money?

These are some of the real life successes of women I’ve worked with!


Your Uplevel is Here

Soulful Success Accelerator

Create the impact and income you want.

SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR is a 4 month intensive group program for the business owner, coach, healer, therapist or rising leader who is ready to upgrade their business model, attract more dream clients and make money with ease.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to take your business to next level but don’t know how to get there
  • You’re ready to get out of the exhausting time-for-money-trap and and 10x your income by introducing high earning signature programs to your business
  • You know that success is an inner and outer job. You’re ready to shift deeply from your core and heal the wounds that are holding you back so you can next level your income
  • You’re ready to stop hiding in the shadows, dulling your message and playing in your comfort zone.
  • You’re ready to step up as an authority in your industry and scale your business
  • You’ve tried courses and worked with coaches in the past but nothing has stuck. You’re ready for something tried, tested and revolutionary!


If you’re nodding along saying ‘YES, YES, YES!’

Here’s what some of the women I’ve had the honour of supporting in the past have to say about our journey together …

  • If you're in Soulful Business, then Rosie's Soulful Success Accelerator is what you need. Period. The woman that I entered into that container as is not the same woman I am today. I am an evolved, wide-open, embodied version of myself. On all levels. And Rosie's approach is what made all the difference. I knew, before I committed to the program, that I needed to get out of my own way. That something was holding me back that I couldn't quite put my finger one. But over our 4 months together, everything shifted. Massively! And now I am full of gratitude and peace within myself. I have found my voice, speak my truth and stand in my Sovereignty. And that unlocked energy is how I move forward with my business. If you're on the fence - jump. Quickly. This program is your next step.
    JENNI TURNER | Empowerment & Breathwork Coach + Transformation Facilitator
  • After going through 2 programs of Rosie, I feel I have let go of so much shit and I am more confident now to be more myself. I love all parts of me. I recognize my shadows and what I need to keep working on. But in this very moment, I know I am already worthy and whole and loved and enough. This translates to extraordinary breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. I have broken through major money blocks and letting it all be easy! I am so grateful to Rosie. She is the real thing. She is one a kind!  I love you Rosie! You are amazing!
    NESS REDUBLA | Intuitive Self Love Coach
  • Rosie’s Business Accelerator has helped me to stand in my power and find my unique voice in my business. It has helped me acknowledge that everything I need is already within me. I am closer to my goals now more than ever. It is truly life changing for me personally and professionally! So much more aligned clients and money has been flooding in as a result! Thank you Rosie! Keep continuing to shine your radiance!!
    YAN ALONZO | Online Digital Marketer
  • I came to Rosie to upgrade my business, to bring my work and experience from the last 18 years together working with groups. I never thought it was possible to go to such significant levels without burning out, turns out I have tripled my 5 fig months with ease! I worked through so many of my blocks and finally created real structure and systems that I needed to scale in my business growth.
    KAT SCHUTTE | Leading International Transformational Coach, Advanced, RTT & Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • Rosie, I can't thank you enough for the life changing journey you have taken me through. I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew was that I was burning out and sick of my corporate full time job - I wanted more! Rosie uncovered deep emotional roadblocks that had been sabotaging me my whole life and helped me make peace with my past.  This journey has been incredible, more than incredible, it has reshaped my whole life. I am no longer afraid to be seen and I am no longer ashamed of my past. Instead I have embraced it and turned my unique life experience into my own business where I am helping women overcome Eating Disorders and Body image issues. I have finally found my purpose and in a line of work that gives me true meaning in my life.  Rosie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you have to me and I can't wait to do your new leadership program in September!
    MICHELLE SOUTHERN | Body Image & Conscious Eating Coach, Qld
  • What can I say... Rosie changed my life!! My worries and anxiety have gone, my business is not only going (finally!) but has sky rocketed, I feel so much confidence owning my impact while also achieving balance in my life. It’s been a truly transformative experience. Every time we reflect, I realise how much I moved forward. I highly recommend Rosie!!
    GREET RECOULES | Brand Strategist, Queensland Australia

This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Soulful Success Accelerator isn’t your standard business training.


It combines the conscious, sub-conscious and the strategy.

It takes a D E E P approach that will heal you at your root and completely transform your energy (did you know that inner work is 80% of the biz success formula?!)

It uses my special flavour of ‘revolutionary super-therapy’, combining deep Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy (and more) to heal your trauma and skyrocket your success. 

It upgrades your ENTIRE business model.

Next level success happens when you take action from a place of absolute wholeness and self worth.

SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR is your vehicle to get there.

It’s time for you to stop living pay cheque to pay cheque.

To stop feeling stuck and staying stagnant.

To stop getting in your own way.

It’s your time to AMPLIFY YOUR WEALTH


To step into your FULL POWER and do your soul’s work.



Let me tell you about me, your guide, Rosie …

I’m an International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry.

I have over a decade’s worth of personal and professional experience supporting women to transform their lives and businesses from the inside out, and quantum leap into their next-level success – their next level of earnings, joy, wellbeing and wholeness!

I hold a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Enhances Awareness Program, have studied Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and I am a Pathways to Mindfulness Facilitator.

My powerful work combines the conscious and the subconscious. It is HOLISTIC, INDIVIDUALISED and TRANSFORMATIONAL!

 I’ve supported hundreds of women to:
  • Shed their limiting beliefs and become their most confident and magnetic selves.
  • Amplify their earnings, beyond their WILDEST dreams.
  • Get to the deep root cause of what’s holding them back so they can shed the past and step into their most abundant and fulfilling future.
  • Abolish their visibility fears so they can be seen and create epic shifts in the world.
  • Build abundant soul aligned businesses – all while working less but earning more.

I will help you step into your most powerful expression of you!





It’s not enough to just sit on the sidelines and play small anymore. The world needs you:

To speak up, stand in your truth and impact the masses

To work smarter (not harder!) and create sustainable systems and offerings in your business

To attract more wealth, so you can amplify your impact.


  • Rosie's business accelerator has helped me actually get clients through the door. I've been stuck in a cycle of planning but Rosie's accelerator put a stop to all my busy work and got me streamlining to success. I have clients and have all the tools I need to excel my business this year. I'm thrilled and excited. Rosie cuts through all the bullshit and actually addresses blocks for people at the core of their being, then she focuses on deep rewiring and once this has taken place, the practical application begins, it is just phenomenal the results this approach has set into motion. I cannot recommend Rosie enough!
    JANEY SHOUFANY | Sexual Empowerment Coach
  • Rosie helped me to get really clear on my strengths and skills, and what I have to offer, and put that into a business plan that feels completely aligned for me. I now feel 100% confident and comfortable in offering myself up to the world to be of service.
    FIONA MACLEAN | Online Business Mentor, Content Creation and Executive Coach
  • Words can not express the deep gratitude I have for all that you gave to me. From one therapist to another I could see how much, love, energy and wisdom you poured into us and you continue to do so.
    AMY LITTLE | Integrative Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Coach and Transformational Yoga Facilitator
  • Working with Rosie has been fantastic. She is a great model and champion for living and serving from your light. She is incredibly generous and supportive as a coach and brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge to the table.
    SHEREEN LISTER | Burnout & Anxiety Coach

Are you ready to apply and claim your space in this intimate group program?

A thriving business requires two things…

Proven soul-aligned step-by-step business strategies


Deep inner healing and transformation.

Many programs only cover one or the other (hence why they don’t work!) SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR has each of these bases covered!

In just 4 months, EVERYTHING will look and feel different.

You’ll feel confident and in your power.

You’ll be clear of everything that’s holding you back and stunting your growth.

You’ll be reborn as your most true, alive and authentic self.

You’ll have a clear plan in place for your business.

You’ll step into your authority as a Leader and create a business structure that supports you to serve, thrive and be financially abundant.



Inside Soulful Success Accelerator

LIVE group calls with me for 2 hours EVERY WEEK FOR 16 WEEKS!

Fusing business strategy and transformational inner work, these intimate group coaching calls will support you to transform from the inside, out.

Combining group coaching, hot seats and personalised guidance, I will support you to move past your blocks and fears, completely rearrange your inner world and create a business framework that enables you to succeed!

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Tap into this space at any time of the day or night and reach out for support and inspiration. Myself and your fellow group members are there to cheer you on, guide you and take you to your next level of success and happiness.

Business Strategy Sessions

Group sessions where you will be taught how to take charge of your business, scale your offerings with ease and streamline your processes.

As a Bonus you will also Receive

A Community of Supportive Like-Minded Women

Each and every woman who joins SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR is hand picked. The group is carefully curated to ensure that you feel supported by and connected to a community of like-minded women for the duration of your journey (and beyond!)

My 30 Day Money Magnet Journey 

Reach your financial goals with ease and grace using this tried and true formula that combines a powerful combination of mindset AND strategy!

Access to my Online Business Centre 

My Online Business Centre is complete with comprehensive training videos and resources to support you to take your business to the next level.

Access to my Soul-ution Centre

A hub filled with transformational tools and processes to help you move through blocks, stay clear and be in action.

Does this sound like you?

You’re keeping yourself small by not marketing yourself, following up on leads and pushing yourself to your edge.

You are staying stuck at a certain income level because you’re trading money for hours, not following up on money owed to you and not charging your worth.

You’re investing in courses but not finishing them OR doing course after course with little to no lasting results.

You’re sabotaging yourself, being a perfectionist and procrastinating.

You’re avoiding doing things you know will boost your sales and grow your business.


  • Wow! What a HUGE shift for me! Working with Rosie has transformed my life and business! Releasing blocks, old wounds and overcoming fears.  I have gone from feeling not good enough to filling my workshops and up-levelling my entire business. Thank you so much Rosie!
    TASH LONGDEN BROWN | Australia
  • I just had the biggest feeling of gratitude come over me, euphoric. My shifts are HUGE! I have so much love for my business! Unconditional. No doubt! Just complete love for what i do! And how I can serve MY people. Thank you Rosie for being you!
  • In the depths of crippling post natal depression I listened to an intuitive nudge to work with Rosie.  She saw the light in me and helped me to re-discover that light within myself and my business again.
    TARSH ASHWIN | Transformational Coach, Kinesiologist + Therapist, Canberra Australia

It’s time to…

Get out of your own way and realise your full potential.

Make a huge impact on the world, share your message far and wide, and change lives.

Clear their internal blocks that are keeping you stuck, and step into your next level of success.

Connect with an experienced Mentor who sees you, challenges you and encourages you to think bigger and bolder.

My SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR program will provide you with a safe and supported container to awaken your power and take your business to the next level!

This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation application call.

Got questions?
Here are all your answers!

My life is really busy! I want to join but am worried about the time commitment?

I hear you BUT the work you put in now will clear HUGE amounts of space in your future – both in your business and personal life.

Imagine being able to work less hours, take more holidays AND have more money than ever before! THAT is the kind of space and freedom SOUL + SUCCESS will create in your life!


I offer different levels of support and payment plans to suit different needs and budgets! I suggest booking an obligation free call so we dream up the perfect package for you!

Will the calls and coaching be recorded?

Absolutely, they will be! You can catch up or rewatch them whenever you like!

Will I get support from Rosie?

Yes! This is a high touch point hands-on program. I am dedicated to making you feel fully supported and held along the way! For every step you take, I’ll be right there beside you.

I’ll also be very active in the Facebook group answering questions, recording videos and sharing additional insights and support.

Mirror Of Hope

We’ve teamed up with Charity


Mirror of Hope is an empowering, heart-warming grassroots organisation that helps fight poverty through education for vulnerable women + children living in Africa’s largest urban slum.

With every purchase you make, we donate a portion of it to help fund our sponsorship program through Mirror of Hope. When you invest in yourself through Happiness Lifestyle, you support another boy/girl around the world to have the opportunity to change their life too.