Do you want to know the secret to success?


The key is YOU.

The missing piece is YOU.

Everything you desire, starts with YOU!

It’s time to Rise

To claim the life you’ve always wanted.

To come back to the truth of who you really are, so you can skyrocket your success.

To amplify the impact and income you know you are capable of.

And take a stand for what you want to see in the world.

We are being called into new ways of leadership…

No more looking outside ourselves for the answers.

No more playing small, hiding, or waiting to be ‘ready’.

No more being held back by fears, BS stories and limiting beliefs.

This is an invitation to step up into your next level of success.

To stand within your own authority and power.

To be seen.

To shine your light.

To trust your deepest truth.

Now is the time.



10-weeks of Transformation

Do you feel like you’re on the brink of your next-level of success, but that something is blocking you?

Do you feel paralysed by self-doubt, perfectionism and overwhelm?

Have you done so much work to get yourself where you want to be, but still haven’t seen the results you desire?

I can help you move forward and claim the life you desire + deserve!

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But first, we have to address what’s getting in your way.

(Because, let’s be honest, if you knew how to get there, you’d be at that “next level” already.)

So, what’s holding you back?

Here are a few of the biggest challenges I see women come up against:


  • > Exhaustion & Burnout…

    Working harder instead of working smarter and feeling disappointed that what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked.

  • > Self-doubt and Comparison…

    Worrying what others think of you, doubting your path and questioning the value you have to offer.

  • > Limiting Beliefs…

    Unconscious patterns that are preventing you from getting what you want.

  • > Poor health…

    Overworking, striving without structure and sacrificing your wellbeing.

  • > Perfectionism…

    Holding yourself to an impossible standard, causing inaction, procrastination and stagnancy.

  • > Anxiety and Overwhelm…

    Constantly worrying about the future and feeling weighed down by the journey to get where you want to be.

  • > Fear…

    Of being seen, ‘failing’ and not bringing the truest version of your life to fruition.

  • > Self sabotage…

    Keeping yourself small, dulling your light and not doing the work you know really needs to be done so you can succeed.


Can you relate to any of these? It’s tough to look at, I know.

But what got you here isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

You need to release your limitations if you want to climb to the next level, otherwise:
  • You’ll stay stuck where you are.
  • You’ll keep working hard, but not seeing the results you desire.
  • You’ll exhaust yourself.
  • You’ll never get to where you want to be.

The list goes on.

The good news is, there’s an easier way to move through what’s keeping you stuck.




10-weeks of Transformation

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What is Rise + Thrive Transformation?


Rise + Thrive is a transformational 10 week group journey that will help you release the things that are holding you back, so you can skyrocket your abundance and receive the success you deeply desire.

I will guide you on a powerful journey that will transform your inner and outer worlds (because both are equally important!).  You will receive coaching and mentoring support to help you create the deep and lasting change you yearn.

Rise + Thrive is NOT a course that will throw a lot of information at you and then send you on your way.

It is a personalised mentoring circle that will teach you how to embody the teachings so you can achieve lifelong success.  With no more than 8 people, it’s an intimate group journey that offers lots of opportunities for enquiry, personalised feedback and integration.

I will support you to heal all the past experiences and BS beliefs that are keeping you stuck and small – no fear, no doubt, no worrying what anyone else thinks.  Just you, standing in your power and living your dream life.

Together, we will go d e e p and break free from the blocks and self sabotaging behaviours that are keeping you stuck.  You’ll unlock who you really are, and skyrocket into your very own version of success.

This is a deeply transformational and ultra-supportive leadership program for women who are ready to step into their truth and RISE in their success.

Your time is now!

Are you done resisting or postponing what’s really important to YOU?

Are you ready to stop desiring, and start receiving?

Are you ready to answer the call ?

Then say YES to claiming your worth, magnifying your more and having it all.

This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation application call.

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10 whole weeks of Unlimited Support and in-depth Coaching sessions!

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  • Getting crystal clear on your vision with an action plan that feels doable.
  • Overcoming your biggest obstacles so they NEVER hold you back again.
  • Clearing out unresolved doubts, fears & insecurities so you reclaim your power and let your light shine.
  • Releasing patterns of busyness, stress & striving that leave you exhausted, and instead feeling balanced + peaceful.
  • Increasing your energy so you can thrive and live out your mission to its full capacity.
  • Doing more of what fills your cup, because when you thrive, you can stand more deeply in your mission!
  • Feeling fiercely confident, powerful joyful and f r e e.
  • Being part of a small community of women who hold you accountable and truly see, support and celebrate you.
  • Making a quantum leap in your income + impact and stepping more fully into your power.
  • …and have FUN doing it!

That’s what this program is about.
But it’s up to you to take the first step…


  • This program works. Rosie is amazing she is there 120 per cent. I felt so supported and help was available after the sessions if I needed it.
  • Rise + Thrive gave me the keys to unlock the doors to myself and shine a big bright light inwards, repairing the damage done since childhood, and then gave me the tools to grow wings and fly! I was nervous at first about being in a group dynamic, but I quickly realised how perfect and valuable it was to have my fellow sisters there with me. This is such a valuable life changing program that I highly recommend from the heart.
  • I found Rise + Thrive was the best thing I have done for myself!! So many insights into the world and myself was revealed. I’ve grown so much as a person, I actually feel like I’ve come back to the original me!!!! Rosie was so supportive and always available if needed. Being in a group setting was brilliant to learn and share with others. Highly recommended, if you are thinking about doing it, just do it – there are POWERFUL tools that you will use for life. You won’t regret it!
  • After going through these huge weeks, my entire thought processes have changed and I feel better in myself - stronger and happier and able face the difficult problems with more ease. Most of all not worrying about what other people think. I have found the strength and the courage as a result! This really does transform you for the better! For those that struggle with uncertainties, I highly recommend Rosie and Rise + Thrive! I met so many wonderful people and doing this in a group is soooooooo reassuring where I got so much support and guidance.
  • Thank you, Rosie, for your brilliant guidance and encouraging us to develop new ways of looking at the same life. I find I'm singing while I work these days, I take time out, I enjoy the company of friends (I actually book things in with friends). I'm enjoying my life, I'm more rested, I can understand and forgive parts of my past which have haunted me and I'm more forgiving of others.
  • Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! OMG so much is happening for me right now! I have reflected and I have deep dived and I know what I wanted all along. My shoulder that has been in so much pain for weeks released and my stomach pains have disappeared. I feel empowered and that I can face off with so much in order to continue healing and growing to my fullest capacity. My gosh! It feels so freeing!
    MELISSA FINDLAY | Australia
  • I did Rosie's Rise + Thrive 10week program and I have to say she is perfect in every way! I wasn't sure whether this course was it for me as I had already done so much work already. I am so grateful that I did!! I have been working hard on myself for such a long time and doing this program helped me to grow in all those areas!! I was struggling in areas around money and my relationship. After working with Rosie in Rise + Thrive, my partner and I are finally GROWING TOGETHER and my entire money mindset has shifted.

  • One of the major shifts I’ve experienced through working with Rosie is awareness around my programming and cultivating kinder ways of being with myself through this awareness. The work I’ve been doing with Rosie has changed my life, I am frequently in a state of free flow and abundance as oppose to grief, guilt, shame and unworthiness which was home for me. I now have the confidence to press on to the achievement and press on to serve through my purpose. My work with Rosie has lead to career progression and business progression I would of NEVER had the worth and confidence to tackle before. In the short time I’ve worked with Rosie I’ve made substantial leaps personally and professionally. Rosie you are amazing xxx
    JANEY SHOUFANY | Operations Administrator, Business Owner
  • I did this with Rosie and I was so impressed I signed up for a year mentoring her! She has helped me get back on track with my life and shake off old beliefs that held me back - and four of my friends have signed up with her - because she is the best mentor/intuitive therapist/coach I've met. I thoroughly recommend Rosie. if life is running you and you’ve lost your Self in all the pressures put on you - get to the bottom of it and shift it!
    JULIA PEDDIE | Art Therapist, Graphic Designer
  • Where do I even begin to tell you the amount of huge shifts and changes for the better, I have had seeing Rosie?! Her work is revolutionary stuff! This is truly the beginning of a whole new era for me. Free from old patterns that were holding me back. Creating a more balanced life. Getting along with others so much better. Looking in the mirror and seeing a radiantly happy woman smiling right back! I am so much more present to life, aware of when ‘my story’ is running the show… more accepting, no more waves of anxiety… and even my digestion has changed! Thank you Rosie, I am forever grateful. Do yourself a favour and see Rosie… you deserve it!!
    KERRY PENGELLY | Queensland Australia

This is an invitation to embody your wholeness, embrace your deepest desires and create the life you deserve…

Hi, I’m Rosie Chehade!

I’m an International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry.

In my 13+ years of doing transformational work – both on my personal and professional journeys, I’ve developed a system that has helped hundreds of women like you, create change in an easier, more sustainable way.

That system is at the heart of my signature program, Rise + Thrive Transformation.

I created this program to support brilliant women like you to break through and move forward from the things that are getting in the way of them creating the life, business + impact they know they’re capable of.

The intention of my program is to help you understand yourself so deeply, that you become free of everything that is keeping you stuck and in the way of you getting to where you want to be.

To fully know your inherent worth and let go of the blocks that are blocking you, so that you can rise into your next level of life + success.

This is not about you ‘doing more’.

It’s about working smarter, and diving deep within (because that is where the magic happens!).

It’s about helping you show up powerfully for the work that really matters to you, and learning how to do it with ease and impact.

It’s about awakening the wisdom that is already within you – and supporting you to step more fully into your power and potential.

It’s about owning your power, honouring yourself and living a life that truly makes you come alive.

As you do this, you will not only feel more vital, free and whole, but ironically, more productive and successful.

There are few things as amazing in life than recognising your own limitations and breaking through them.  There’s nothing more liberating than trusting yourself, from the inside out and becoming the captain of your own ship.

No more hiding, playing small and doubting yourself.

You don’t need to do it alone, I’m here to support you.

No more waiting.

NOW is the time.

I've helped hundreds of women:

  • Expand the amount of money in their bank accounts (hello abundance and financial security!)
  • Heal their deep childhood wounds and repair their relationships
  • Sky rocket their confidence, abolished their visibility fears and transform into the woman they’ve always dreamed of being
  • Build businesses that are extensions of their heart and soul and abundant money makers, all while working less but earning more!
  • Live more in flow with life. You CAN have more freedom, health, success and JOY!

How does it work:

Each week, we meet in real time online.

You will challenge your perception of yourself, and the world.

You will become crystal clear on your vision, and begin to make it your reality.

You will re-wire yourself, and your neural pathways, and step into your next level of success.

In 10 weeks, EVERYTHING will look and feel different.

You will experience transformation (not information) and expansion alongside other women who ‘get it’, raise you up and inspire you (and you, them!).


The life you crave is so much closer than you think.
Let me show you how.


This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation application call.

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What this isn’t:

This is not a counselling circle, nor is it a regimented cookie-cutter, “follow my lead and do as I say” program.

There is no set curriculum, because you are not a number, or a systemised, predictable robot. It’s a real-time, paradigm-shifting, personalised 10 week journey that is tailored to each group’s unique needs.

There are only 8 people in this program. It is intimate, meaningful, individualised and supportive.

Together, we will celebrate of each other, bust through our blocks and step up.


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What’s Included…

That kind of total life transformation can’t be measured in terms of topics, calls and resources.

But since you asked, here’s what’s included.

10 Live weekly Group Coaching Calls
Every week you will receive 90 minutes of intimate group coaching calls
focussed on strategy and transformation.
You will recieve personalised support to move past your blocks and fears, heal your relationship with your limiting story, and step into the fullest expression of your power.
MP3 Audio’s of Each Class
Each class will not only be recorded, but also available as an MP3 audio file for you to download and listen to on the go.  Download your call onto your phone, and listen in anytime you need.
10 x Practical Playbook
Every session is accompanied by a practical Playbook that is full of powerful questions, activities and journaling prompts to support you to dive deep and create transformational inner shifts.
Collective Community Support
As well as lots of guidance, support and personal cheerleading from me, you’ll be a part of a small and carefully curated group of like-minded women who will offer deep connection, strategic support and inspiration throughout the 10 weeks.


Plus, these bonuses:

Pre-Program Workshop and Guidebook + Mindfulness
Your Pre-Program Workshop and Guidebook will help you become aware of where you are currently on your journey before we begin our time together.  In order to move forward, you need to know where you’re at.  It will also teach you mindfulness practices that will help you live with more presence and inner peace.
1:1 Private Session
You will meet with me 1:1 and dive deeper into the self-exploration pool.  We will look at what you are resisting, what is blocking you, and how you can clear out your limitations and move forward.
Graduation + Celebration
We will come together and celebrate each other’s wins + transformations, and map out your foolproof plan to keep you on track and living the life of your most expansive dreams.
Bonus: 30 Day Money Magnet Journey
Reach your financial goals with ease and grace using this tried and true formula that combines a powerful combination of mindset AND strategy!


This program is by application only – and space is limited!

Click the button below to schedule your no-obligation application call.

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  • When I started with Rosie, I was broken. A 10-year relationship ended, working hard physically for my age and concerns about my financial future and could not see a light at the end of the tunnel. Amongst all that adversity and some more that came up during the course, I now have drive, hope, plans and a faith like never before. I am UNSTUCK and a person ANEW, it’s hard to even put what this program and sisterhood has truly done for me. I am now much lighter and grateful for Rosie beyond words.
    STELLA JANOURIS | Australia
  • Rise + Thrive was amazing! The sisterhood that came from it is so special. I have never felt so held and heard before in my life. I was able to share some deep hurts and step into healing in a completely new way. The entire shame cloak came off. When I first came into the program, I told Rosie that I thought I could NEVER be healed. I had tried everything and didn’t think someone so “broken” like me could! I honestly didn't think I was capable of healing, I felt completely broken and now I AM. WOW! I now have so much more awareness of why I do things and how to grow from that. I can’t describe what Rosie has done for me and my life. Thank you Rosie
    KYLIE SECCOMBES | Australia
  • Rise + Thrive has helped me work though many areas in my life with love and support from likeminded individuals such as Rosie. I really enjoyed the 'community feel' of the program's weekly sessions. I'd love to do it all again in the future and would certainly recommend the program and working with Rosie.
    AMY LAMBERT | Australia
  • I would highly recommend Rise & Thrive.  Rosie was incredibly supportive and not once did I feel like I was judged which is very important to me. You could feel that her own experiences in life have enabled her to understand our journey. I enjoyed the fact that there were other women to share the journey with.
    VANESSA JENNISON | Australia
  • Rise and Thrive was a real community of people trying to see a different way of living and being and get different outcomes personally and professionally.  The weekly sessions allowed us all to see each other and hear what each other was dealing with and it was very helpful to work through some of the strategies in a really practical way.  Anyone who wants to transform their life, whether it be small or huge like some of shifts I experienced, I highly recommend this program.

  • Thank you for guiding me through the toughest times I have had mentally to get me through it all and shining at the other end. I don’t know how to say thank you to someone that is literally changing my life.
    JADE BROOKS | Compliance Manager, Victoria Australia
  • Working with Rosie has greatly increased my level of self-awareness and helped me incredibly in so many ways. As a result, I now have new ways of doing things and have cultivated powerful strategies and methods for managing the craziness of life. I've seen huge shifts already and new patterns of thinking. From being okay to saying "no", to feeling fine about taking 'time out', a new part of me is starting to show itself. I'm loving the transformation!! Thank-you Rosie for your loving, compassionate attitude and practical, hands-on approach.
    AMY LAMBERT | Quality and Compliance Lead, Victoria Australia
  • I am so glad I took that leap and started to work with Rosie! She is an absolute inspiration who has made such a difference to my life! Now I can’t imagine stopping… everyone needs a mentor and coach! Her honest, no b.s. approach to mentoring has been powerful, inspiring and ultimately, life-changing. I was forever seeking the next quick fix, the next big thing… and Rosie brought me back to my truth and showed me how to trust myself, to believe in myself to create a life I can be truly proud of. She helped me release blocks that were in my way, create space for my bigger dreams and goals to start coming into my life, embrace and listen to my body, release expectations of myself to name just a FEW. Never have I been so present in my life and am feeling absolutely free right now – in my time, my thinking, my spirit. I feel confident that I can do absolutely anything and am kicking along in a life I love, not a life I think I should love. I cannot thank you enough Rosie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    ANNA MUNCAN | Melbourne, Australia

Ready to find out more?

Book a Rise + Thrive clarity call to find out how this program can completely transform your life.

In this 45 minute no-obligation call, we will explore what your big dreams are, what is holding you back and whether or not this program is the right one for you!



Got Questions?
Here are all your answers!

Is this program right for me?

The best way to know is by applying and then jumping on a no obligation call with me. During this call I’ll get to know you, your challenges and hopes and dreams. From there I’ll be able to assess whether or not Rise + Thrive is the support you need! When you apply, there’s absolutely no pressure to join. In fact, if I feel that you would be better served elsewhere, I will tell you!

I’m already so busy! Won’t this just add more to my plate?

This transformation is NOT about creating more work for you. In fact, most women who go through my programs free up their time and energy, by creating systems and strategies that help them work smarter – not harder! If you’re ready to stop teetering on the edge of burnout, let’s talk. There’s an easier way, and I’m here to help you discover it.

Will the calls and coaching be recorded?

Yes. All calls are recorded and will be available in your private membership group.

Will I get support from Rosie?

Absolutely! This is a very hands on live program. You’ll have intimate coaching calls with me AND I’ll be providing support every step of the way. I’ll also be very active in the Facebook Group, answering questions, recording videos and sharing additional trainings to offer extra insights and support.

We’ve teamed up with Charity:

Mirror of Hope is an empowering, heart-warming grassroots organisation that helps fight poverty through education for vulnerable women + children living in Africa’s largest urban slum.

With every purchase you make, we donate a portion of it to help fund our sponsorship program through Mirror of Hope. When you invest in yourself through Happiness Lifestyle, you support another boy/girl around the world to have the opportunity to change their life too.