Passion + Purpose

Passion + Purpose

This week, I’m going to dish up a big ol’ dose of tough #MindfulMonday love (delivered with sunflowers and big hugs, of course).

There’s one thing you can ALWAYS do, no matter your situation.

That is to explore, dream and discover your own potential to achieve awesome things in this world. To shine, to become extraordinary! To simply be the happiness that elevates everyone around you.

With the upcoming holidays and new year in our sights, this time of the year is about being more discerning. Contemplating the year that has been. The year that is to come.

And in that contemplation, riddle me this, my beautiful friend…

…are you already starting to make promises that THIS time you’ll stick to your routine? Or that THIS time, you’ll never waver? Or that this time, you’ve (finally) got it all figured out?

Are we gluttens for punishment? Surely we know by now that grandiose structures and predictions leave us scratching our heads and dusting off the dirt we tripped in.

What are these declarations weaved with anyway, beauty?

Coz it’s sure not soul-truth, just an external longing to satisfy an intrinsinc kinda hunger.

Instead, contemplate what you can do over the next few weeks that will set you up for a smooth entry to 2015. Don’t add any more stuff on your December list (note to self – ahem). Nor is this an invitation to create some new lofty resolutions. Nope. Not from me.

It’s all about Willingness.

When it comes to claiming the life you were put here to live, to stepping into your power, to making s**t happen:

Be willing to start over.
Be willing to choose again.
Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.
Be willing to forgive. To say I’m sorry. I love you. I release you.
Be willing to make other people uncomfortable.
Be willing to go bigger than you thought possible.
Be willing to make last minute changes.
Be willing to walk through courage to get to vulnerability.

Let’s finish these last weeks on a high note, honour the year that was, create room for what’s coming and with it, bring a WILLINGNESS; the magical ingredient that unlocks EVERYTHING.

Have an awesome week filled with passion + purpose.

Sunflowers and big hugs,

xo, rosie 135x25

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