Moving Through High Highs and Low Lows

Moving Through High Highs and Low Lows

My soul has been so quiet lately as I am going through lots of changes.

In the stillness I can feel another version of myself breaking through the surface… so I’ll just let it.

Evolution is always welcome here.

And whilst it’s exciting, I’m moving through periods of high highs and low lows emotionally, needing self-love more than ever.

I experienced a powerful moment of realisation whilst doing my meditation this morning.

This realisation is not an unknown, yet this morning it really moved me; resonated on a level deeper than it ever has before.

These words came to me:

“No experience in life is ever truly fulfilling without self-love”. 

Not the fluffy, “love yourself” kind of self-love that proclaims it loudly and proudly, but the kind so deeply embedded within my soul that quietly and confidently supports me.

The kind that lifts me through the bullshit excuses that keep me in-limbo and encourages me to step into what I know I’m truly capable of.

I started visualising what my “dream life” would be like when this kind of self-love grows within me.

With this intention, the visualisations immediately shifted. 

I saw everything through my own eyes, like I was feeling it, living it and breathing it – rather than in third person.

Instead of visualising what my dream life would LOOK like – the business, the lifestyle, the home, the hot husband 😉 – I started visualising what I would BE like when my self-love became my first and foremost, unwavering priority.

I saw what my body really looked like and felt proud to be living in it.

I was moving differently; lighter. I was looking after it in different ways and eating high-vibing foods.

I was happy with it; every curve, freckle and “imperfection”.

I felt free of the sabotage that came with self-comparison. 

I saw how I was interacting with those around me, free of the invisible wall that prevented me from getting hurt.

I was laughing way more and sharing so much more of me with the confidence that I was enough.

I felt free of the fear of “not being loved”. 

I visualised the type of opportunities I was going for…

The ones I really want, that pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way that liberated me and made me feel so proud of my place in the world.

I felt free of the conflicting mind wars that came with not feeling “good enough”. 

I saw my eyes as I stood in-front of a mirror. They were filled with love, kinder, gentler and accepting. I felt at peace.

The meditation went for 15 minutes. When I opened my eyes I felt different.

I went to the bathroom and wrote “self-love is my priority” on my mirror with red lipstick.

The question I will be consciously asking myself from now on is;
“is this in support of my self-love”? 

My intention is to do my best to feel how I felt in my meditation, in waking life, now – not “when I have this or achieve that”.

Speaking of which, our Sunshine Coast Spring Retreat is happening next weekend!

I’m thrilled to be touring with the dynamic Deanne Kalda that is Maa Organics for my self-love presentation right here on the Coast.

On Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October, we are coming together for a beautiful day at Welcome to the Big House.

I want to offer you extra support because I know pricing and fees can be one of the hardest blocks.

But when you do the inner work and get out of your own way, you will see how worth it you really are. 

I will be sharing the powerful strategies that I have used with hundreds of clients to create the most incredible transformations in their life.

These easy to implement strategies will help you show up with confidence and self-love every single day.

It will be a day of connection, inspiration and motivation.

You must be there. 

A few places remaining on each day, buy your ticket here or contact me and we can jam on it with you!

Self-love is your priority.

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