Autumn, the Year’s Loveliest Smile

Autumn, the Year’s Loveliest Smile

With each reddened leaf, slightly shorter day and fractional drop in temperature, it’s clear that we’re standing on the cusp of a new season.

The earth seems to sigh a long satisfied sign in autumn.

This week marks a new beginning, a fresh start, an opportunity to set new intentions and with it, a slower pace.

A time of transition, reflection and growth; of tranquility and inspiration, spontaneity and freshness.

This past week, I’ve been feeling the call of my body that is gently asking for some rest and a slower pace.

More time spent journaling, turning inwards, grounding my toes in the ocean; operation replenish is in progress.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and your energy, sweet one.

Have you been going hammer-and-tong? Has the pendulum swung a little too far in one direction?

Give yourself permission this week to receive the gift of nourishment. Now is a perfect time to welcome balance into your life.

If you feel like you’re holding on, trying to control outcomes, clutching at life, overwhelmed – whatever is causing you worry – take a long exhale and let those shoulders slip down a notch, or ten.

Allow yourself to be cradled in a warm love-filled embrace. Communicate with friends and family.

Lean in, not out.

Start grounding your energy with this season’s warming foods, like pumpkin, persimmon & apples. Cooking what’s in season will help you align yourself and feel connected to nature + it’s a great way to expand your menu.

Make the time to get outside, turn off your phone, and meander through the forest, gathering bright leaves and other natural tokens as you go.

Find a spot to watch the sunset and observe the end of summer with the beginning of autumn; a perfect time for intentions to blow in on her winds.

What will the next few months hold for you?

Share how you will be embracing change, thoughts and all around happiness this week in the comments.

You may just inspire someone else to do the same.

Have a magical week, my loves.

xo, rosie 135x25

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