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“Omg…. Rosie shared with so much depth and soul. The interactive process of self-discovery was received lovingly and with warm embrace. It is clear to see that Rosie is extremely passionate about self-love and honouring self-worth. Thank you Rosie for an amazing morning.”


Pam Siddins, The Self Love Movement

For the past several years, Rosie has been an internationally renowned leading authority in the Leadership & Self-Help Industry.

Her transformative work, wisdom and expertise has been sought out by multi-award winning and leading retreats such as Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, the five-star SÃO LOURENÇO DO BARROCAL and online publications such as Inspo Magazine as well as podcasts and blogs.

Rosie has spoken at both small intimate events and larger scale events with over 200 guests.

Her messages flow directly from the heart and she speaks passionately on topics such as; Overcoming Fear, Self-Love, Living A Heart-Driven Life, Mindfulness, Embodying Your Power and Soulful Surrender.

She has also hosted sold-out workshops and retreats on topics including:

  • Align with your Purpose
  • Unlock your Success Mindset
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Financial Liberation
  • Worthy to Wealthy
  • Practicing Self-love
  • High Performance Habits
  • Pathways to Mindfulness
  • Transform your Relationships
  • Clarity + Intention Setting
  • Overcome Obstacles

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Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is an International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry.

Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women + business owners reclaim their wholeness, rise up in their Leadership and quantum leap into their next-level success.

She holds a masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), the unique and proven Enhances Awareness Program and is a Pathways to Mindfulness Facilitator, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing.

Through her powerful combination of the conscious, sub-conscious and step-by-step strategies, Rosie’s unique integrative process blends the Mental, Emotional, Financial + Spiritual work into a truly Transformational experience.

Workshops, Events + Retreat Reviews

“This conference was bang on! I didn’t want to miss a thing. I love going deep, the vulnerability, the way we go into the shifts rather than talking about them! It has helped me to work through fears and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I now feel like I’m ready to go out and conquer the world!!” – Andrea Westbrook

“I loved this conference, because as well as teaching, Rosie helped us really embody and internalise the learning.” – Fiona Maclean

“This event was so beneficial to me as a person and as a “business start up”. I have learned more about me in 2 days and what I need to do moving forward than I ever have! What a safe space facilitated for beautiful strong women, by beautiful strong women! Thank you!!” – Kristi Hood

“There isn’t a single thing I would change! I loved EVERYTHING! This event helped me to come back to me, not the business owner, not the mum, ME! You have to do this conference if you want to reconnect and feel.” – Petria

“The transformation for me at this conference was life changing. I kept looking externally for answers and the whole time it was inside me. The journey I got to go in these 2 days was epic, and the amazing women that were so vulnerable – I got exactly what I came for and more!” – Sharon

“This couldn’t have been more perfect!! I had so many breakthroughs this weekend, limiting beliefs realised and released. Now goals that I would never have been brave enough to set before. Love, Love, LOVE!” – Tanya Ambrosini

“If it was rated out of 5 stars – I give it a 10!!! My experience at the conference exceeded my expectations! The insights, breakthroughs and deeper connection I created within myself has been profound! Every woman should have the absolute pleasure of this experience. I will be forever grateful.” – Tonia Harding 

“This conference helped me to dig deep into my next level of discovery. Thanks to Rosie’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom and incredible ability to hold a space of love and healing.” – Shereen Lister

“When we did that work on the root cause I felt this was very powerful and nothing I have ever experienced before. This event helped me to fully understand that I am a channel for something greater than myself.” – Anna Obodin

“I loved the whole weekend!! I loved being with a beautiful bunch of women, supporting each other!! Rise Up Conference was such a beautiful experience of mind, body and soul. To feel so fully supported in a non-judgmental and unconditional space was everything! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so grateful.” – Melina Demertzis

“Fucking incredible!! I was absolutely tuned into abundance, but this turned the volume right up!! What an amazing weekend. Forget “a-ha” moments, these were “FUCK YEAH!” moments.” – Suki

“The Rise Up Conference was awesome. Unique and life changing content in a beautiful heart centered and entertaining way.” – Pauline Beal

“I declared in the 11th hour I would like to do more house clearings and got a job at the end of the class for it!! The power of this work!! On my way there now!!” – Stella

“The Rise Up Conference was more than what I imagined! I got so much value out of the two jam packed days. I would highly recommend attending.” – Tash Longden Brown

“Please do more retreats as I loved everything about it! The love, connection, support + food! If you are feeling lost or questioning whether you’re on the right path, you need to do this retreat! I’m walking away feeling light, calm and WORTHY! Thank you your love and support!” – Sarah Hodges

“I loved the day in every way including the food (those sweet potato brownies – omg!). It helped me become aware of my thoughts and how they affect my life and others in it. This retreat enabled me to fully relax, feel grounded and finally let go.” – Nina Abbott

“This retreat helped me to realise what has held me back, do the deeper work and gave me the tools to move forward in my life with renewed clarity and purpose.” – Yasmin Parr

“This retreat day has been a powerful healing experience where I was able to access some deeper layers within the safe + loving space created by the facilitators. I’ve come away feeling like a new version of myself – more accepting and free!” – Stacey Louise

“Just superb!! An absolute spoil!!! This retreat was pure indulgence for me. All the things I love in one day! It gave me such a better way forward – self kindness, purpose, authenticity, strength, gratefulness. Lovely lovely setting, all creature comforts met PLUS. Wonderful group of women lead by two exceptional individuals who set the mood and agenda with good heartedness, love and acceptance.” – Kerry Pengelly

“This retreat is so beautifully designed for a woman’s needs. Everything was carefully thought out and prepared for us to receive maximum experience. It was perfect.” – Vanessa Jennison

“This retreat really hit home for me. This sacred work helped to really get me out of my own way. It was so valuable in cementing and reinforcing the work I have done! I loved how Rosie took the time with each person who needed presence and attention. Felt so held.” – Janey Shoufany

“The retreat was such a beautiful way to honour myself. A loving, warm and safe space to find greater self-love and self-acceptance. I loved the beautiful open space that was created and wouldn’t change a single thing! Thank you!!” – Laura Mills

“Omg I loved ALL of it. Yoga, meditation, life review and the deep meditation. The food was EXCELLENT! On top of that, this retreat helped me to identify the limiting beliefs I was holding onto and to see the world through more loving wiser eyes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” – Maree Watts

“This retreat really touched me! It truly helped me reset my intentions and gave me clarity and insight into behaviours that I have long wanted to change but never knew how.” – Aleks Brook

“Out of all the workshops I have attended (and believe me, there have been many), yours has by far been the most impactful to date. It isn’t information, it’s transformation! I got so much clarity and am excited to see where this all now takes me as I move forward. Thank you for your time, your passion and energy. It is contagious.” – Zoe, Australia

“Great speaker and teacher! So well prepared! I have learned so much from Rosie. She is very inspirational with a lot of positive energy and knowledge. She is very open and friendly, helpful, full of joy and straight from the heart! I received excellent advice, tips and coaching which have helped my growth so much. Thank you, for one of the most beautiful and important weeks I’ve had to date!! It was definitely the highlight of my year and made such an impact on my life.” – Adelinde, The Netherlands

“I couldn’t get enough! Rosie is a very energetic, practical and inspiring woman who went over and beyond. Can’t wait to have you back here soon!.” Mateo, Owner of Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, Spain

“Rosie is so motivational. Her workshops had a great impact and I loved that the essence of each of her talks went so hand in hand with each other! So thankful for giving personalised time, dedication and effort.” – Selina, The Netherlands

“Rosie is a beautiful facilitator. Coupled with nurturing food, body work and more, this is a beautiful life changing retreat!” – Ana Leigh, Australia

“What a fabulous day! I really just wanted to stay, what a great bunch of women too! I had so many breakthroughs and feel so much lighter in my being!I am already booking catching up with friends which is quite revolutionary – making changes.Loved the day, thank you so much for putting together such a nurturing experience.” – Kerry, Australia

“Thank you for the amazing day. I could not have imagined the harmony and rejuvenation I left today with, so may pearls of wisdom to allow my freedom jourey to expand.” – Estelle, Australia

“Thank you my lovely for an amazing retreat. Got so much out of it. Enjoyed watching you work your coaching. So enjoyed watching us beautiful ladies connect and reveal their tender points. Such trust in the group. I learned so much for myself. You are an inspiration to me.” – Kerri S, Australia