Let Life Flow Through You

Let Life Flow Through You

Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan or to schedule.

We can’t push the river.

When it ain’t flowing’, it ain’t flowing’. 

All that pushing leaves us feeling exhausted, tapped out, unfulfilled by that manic spread-too-thin sense, and dizzy with frustration.

So instead of being the river, be the riverbed.

Let life flow through you. 

Rivers are seasonal. So are we.

There are juicy stages where expression, force, abundance and inspiration flow through us in great, dramatic gushes.

There is this dazzling ecstasy of waterfalls.

And there are dry-as-dust days, arid and parched, where nothing happens at all. 

There are times where we connect with the subtle elegance of a quiet but constant stream.

There are moments of shadowy depth and afternoons of sun-speckled, ankle-deep wading.

But it’s all flow.
It’s all movement.
It’s all rhythm.
And it’s all good. 

Less push, more flow.

Embrace the duality.

Be the vessel and let life flow through you. 

Let me turn this to you now.

Where can you focus less on striving and pushing… and more on giving your PRESENCE to the present moment?

Trust that what you are seeking or manifesting is coming.

Right on time. Right on, time. 

So much love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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