Lessons from a Year of Courage

Lessons from a Year of Courage

There will be low moments in every year, and there will be beautiful, memorable moments, too.  Ebb and flow.
Trust that the lows won’t last forever and savour every morsel
of the highs.  Be here now.

Well here we are – approaching the end of a profound and challenging year.

And boy, it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride, filled with changes, transitions and massive growth.

Around this time every year, I carve out space and reflect on my most memorable moments – the brightest and darkest – of the last 12 months.

For each one, I ask myself: What lesson have I taken from this experience? 

The lessons we learn – the beliefs that carve-out neural pathways – get reinforced over time.

Regardless of how self-aware we think we are, we all walk through life and intentionally or unintentionally look for “proof” that our beliefs are true – whether we’d say we want them to be true or not.

2016 taught me Courage.   

As you may already know, it is really important to me to live and breathe what I teach.

So as much as I have given my focus to the radical inner transformations of my clients this year, I have also had to give to myself and my own inner work.

This journey has been such a wild, soulful, transformation.

Never too much, always enough.

My life changed the moment I said yes to all of it.

The moment I said yes to love, and being loved.

Me + all of my one million layers.

I said yes to belonging, right here, right now.

And even now.

I said yes to more laughing. And more crying.

And more of both at the same time.

I said yes to showing up.

To listening.

To speaking up.

To pulling myself out from under the sheets, even when every ounce of my being wanted to hide.

I said yes to not doing it alone.

I said yes to owning my healing.

To leaning in. Closer. And softer.

And the space that lives in between the two.

I said yes to feeling. Really feeling.

To not shame, water down or push to the side, but to honour my heart + body for their capacity to experience love and loss in all of its forms.

I said yes to doing work I love.

And that alone matters, and is a service in itself.

I said yes to not being for everyone.

Because even though I may not be for everyone, I am for someone, including myself, and that, well that’s the beginning of everything.

Lesson of the Year: 

Beyond the “good” and the “bad” of life – even beyond our perception of it – true courage arises in the willingness and ability to truly be okay, regardless of what comes our way.

It’s not to say that we won’t feel it all – sometimes unbridled pleasure, and sometimes contracted despair.

But to be devoted to experiencing the truth of love in each moment… well, it’s everything.

And within that courage, there’s inherently a willingness to feel it all, because we know that nothing will truly take us down.

At least, not for long.

And to know that is to know ourselves.

And to know ourselves is to know Love.

On that note, I just want to take a moment to thank you for holding the space for me to share my heart, and for your love and support this year.

Every single client that I’ve had the honour of working with in 2016, has been the inspiration for my work and vision.

And every single like or comment that you have made, has contributed to creating a space that is a daily source of inspiration for many.

Just like you’re on the journey with me, I’m on the journey with you.

A big shout out to the clients (who have really become friends) that I’ve had the honour of working with in the past year.

And, I look forward to backing those of you that are joining forces with myself in the new year.

This next year, even more than ever, let’s back every decision we choose to make. 

Realise another level of our unlimited capabilities.

Destroy another layer that’s clouding our individuality.

Never trade our authenticity for approval.

And measure our “bigger and better” year by how much of a difference we make not only in our life, but the lives of others.

Let’s make 2017 mind blowing. 

Let me turn this over to you now, tribe.

What shifts have you experienced this year? What memorable moments and empowering lessons can you take with you into the coming year?

Hit ‘reply’ and share with me some of your best lessons from your brightest and darkest moments.

What’s on for 2017:

It is looking like 2017 is going to be an exciting year.

I will be continuing to give a part of my energy to my 1:1 coaching practise, along with lots of awesome new projects, events and opportunities in store.

If you feel inspired to work together in the new year, I am excited to share that registration for my 2017 mentoring program is now open.

I would love to support you to release everything within you that is causing struggle, limitation and fear so you can step into your power and experience the love, peace, abundance and happiness you desire.

Read more about working 1:1 with me or get started with a complimentary Discovery Chat.

Wishing you a magical Christmas and holiday season.

With love,

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