KERRI SPEYERS | Life Empowerment Coach, Australia

KERRI SPEYERS | Life Empowerment Coach, Australia

It has been a pure joy to have Rosie as my coach. She has gently guided me through the dark parts of my life that have been contributing to holding me back and keeping me small. She identified “my story” that had been playing in my life and was not serving me. Rosie helped me identify unresourceful beliefs that had been keeping me stuck and any tears that came were healing tears.

Rosie created a safe and fun space to explore my deepest fears and vulnerabilities. With support, encouragement and just the right amount of push she made it possible to achieve the goals for my life. With her intuition she knew how far to stretch me but no so far that I was overwhelmed and discouraged. She believed in me on those occasions I didn’t believe in me.

I looked forward to our sessions where I could get support, encouragement, advice and guidance on any subject that I presented with. I would highly recommend Rosie to coach you to the next level.

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