How To Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

How To Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Most of my life I believed I wasn’t good enough in some way.

I set high standards and expectations for myself, rarely meausuring up to the image I held.

I thought I would always feel this way, but that couldn’t be more further from the truth.

The thing that caused me the greatest pain,
ironically gave me my greatest freedom. 

Today I want to teach you one of the most powerful tools you can use to help transform this in your own life and feel even more confident and free starting right now.

Because here’s the thing…

Any time we come from a fear mindset – a lack, scarcity mindset – we are going to unconsciously look for life (whether it’s relationship, job or food itself) to fill us.

Self-worth affects every aspects of our lives: 

  • Who we are in relationship with;
  • The quality of our experiences;
  • The food we put into our body;
  • How much money we make;

… and it sits at the very heart of the work I do with my clients.

When we reach outside of ourselves to get what we want, yes – we’re temporarily satisfied and it’s pleasant enough – until the same cycle starts all over again.

And if we’re moving from this energy of unconscious lack, nothing outside of ourselves will ever truly fill us and we will continuously get what we’ve always gotten.

The same cycle will show up over and over and over again until we work it at a deeper level. 

I know that these thoughts can paralyse us and it can actually feel extremely personal.

But when you work it at a deeper level, that’s when you can really take your power back and experience your freedom, confidence and wholeness – the radiance of who you really are.

Underneath this perception of lack,
is that very experience of our wholeness. 

Ironically, it’s when we are no longer willing to move away from this sense of lack and try to have the world fill us in some way… it’s when we can just be with and embrace all parts of ourselves – especially the sense of not good enough – that right here is how we actually experience our wholeness.

Who would have known that “not enough” is the gateway to our heart, body and soul?!  

I realised the depth of this truth when I walked the camino (a 1000km journey across Spain).

I was terrified and had to be with all these paralysing fears that came up.

I was dealing with not one but two incurable diseases and I was about to embark on the most transformational journey of my life (did I mention I was alone too?!).

I was in an albergue (a pilgrim hostel) literally paralysed with the very thoughts, “I am not good enough” and “how am I going to do this” (I was battling with shin splints, achilles tendonitis and stress fractures at this stage) and I practiced what I am telling you.

I literally just scanned my body. 

I let myself open and breathe into the sensation of not good enough.

I let it be here present with me.

I let myself be saturated with acceptance for where I was and the courage for saying yes for all I wanted moving forward.

Embracing this part of myself was right when I discovered the doorway to my very wholeness.

All it was looking for was my love and attention. 

Ironically, not only did it cleanse my mind so that I was absolutely present and vibrantly alive to life itself, but that was exactly the invitation I gave others and I completed the entire journey by foot FREE from the mind-boggling pain that I had been feeling up to that point.

There are no words to describe the experience other than to say how powerful it truly was.

When we are courageous enough to breathe into and allow the experience and the feelings of not enough to be here – we experience what is underneath that.

And because I gave that to myself, it is only then I am able to invite others into the experience. If I hadn’t done that, I would have still been in my story of not good enough and trying to prove myself.

Instead, it was an invitation to meet that part of me that didn’t feel good enough.

So, I want to extend this very invitation to you. 

This feeling of not being good enough, is simply looking for the loving presence that you really are. It’s simply looking to be met and acknowledged… that’s really it!

If lack and “not good enough” are dominating your mindset, know that it’s innocent – and you can be the loving parent to this misunderstanding – this feeling that’s looking for love.

You don’t need to be gripped in comparison, guilt or shame.

You can take your power back and be present with it so that it can move on. 

Which is why my work is very much about using any blocks that come up so you can feel your inherent power and from there show up from a very different place and energy in your life.

You can totally re-define the game so that it can align to what your true intentions are this year.

You are bigger than the definition your own mind can put on you. 

You are not worthy.

You are also not unworthy.

You are too big for any label.

Even the idea that you are good enough is too limiting for the truth of who you are.

No definition the mind could put on you, could capture the radiance you really are… In recognising this, you live free and embody the confidence and radiance that you are.

I want that for you, and would LOVE to hear from you. Hit the comments and let me know what comes up for you around this.

What are you willing to commit to when these thoughts show up so that you can use it to become free and more fully live your life? 

And if you’re feeling the pull to release everything that is holding you back so you can step into 2018 in an empowered way, NOW is the time to honour that desire. Email me at to book your complimentary strategy session. 

Here’s to your deeper realisation this year.

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