How To Stay Motivated To Your Health

How To Stay Motivated To Your Health

It’s early in the morning.

Your alarm goes off.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

You open your eyes, feeling groggy and disoriented.

Still half-asleep, you try to figure out what’s going on.

Then you remember.

Last night, feeling particularly inspired, you decided you’d get up early and go for a run before work.

Ahhhh s**t.

Your bed feels so warm, so comfy, like a little cocoon.

You close your eyes again. You know you have to make a decision.

You can take the easy way out, hit snooze and go back to sleep…

Or take the highest road, put on your running shoes, and head out the door.

In my work, I often get asked, “how do you stay motivated to your health?”

A question that takes me aback because for me, motivation and willpower have nothing to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, achievement is thrilling and getting things done is a rush. But motivation alone becomes completely IRRELEVANT when it comes to change.

Imagine for a second that there was a switch in your brain that would allow you to efficiently smash through your daily to-do list, eat only foods that are good for you, and never skip a workout again.

How would your life be different then?

You, my friend, have the power to develop that switch.


By implementing this one quality that sums up everything.  

  • It’s the ability to do what needs to get done, when it needs to get done.
  • It makes you feel closer to life.
  • It gives you this incredible inner reserve that keeps you flexible and able to handle life’s ebb and flow.
  • It allows you to take the vision in your head and make it a reality in the physical world.
  • It’s the key to achieving your goals, getting the body you dream of, and having the deep satisfaction of living life at your fullest potential.
  • It’s the transformational doorway that keeps you in ‘stillness’.

Use it consistently, and you will acquire massive motivation, extraordinary self-discipline, and the ability to get anything done on command.

Can you guess what that quality is?

That quality is DEVOTION (with a hefty dose of inspiration).

Devotion and inspiration are magnetic and progressive and heart-based rather than head-based.

For example:

Motivation: You run 5k’s to lose weight, stay in shape, raise money for cancer. Maybe to prove something. Only 5 kilos to go.

All great reasons – BUT WHY? Why do you want to lose weight, stay in shape, raise money? Why do you REALLY want these things?

Devotion: The runner’s high. My body simply has to run. When I run, I FEEL closer to life; I enjoy it.

Devotion simply boils down to waking up every day and making the conscious choice to rise; to come alive and live FULLY; to keep your vibration raised high and live in a way that’s aligned with your soul; to play bigger; to try again; to come from a place of LOVE and INSPIRATION (not push) and how you want to FEEL.

“It’s not that some people have willpower
and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready
to change and others are not.”

– James Gordon

So, where does inspiration fit into all of this?

Inspiration’s reasoning can’t always be reasoned – you just gotta do it. It’s a wellspring of energy. It busts you out of all the should-dos that motivation traps you in – and into the field of possibilities where devotion awaits.

Gabby Bernstein sums it up beautifully when she says,

“Inspiration opens the door to creative opportunities,
dissolving all boundaries and limitations.”

There is another side to all of this, so let me be completely transparent with you here.

When you start embracing who you are and commit to taking steps toward what you want – resistance, fear and self-doubts will definitely come a-knocking.

In those moments, know that you are on the right track. We resist what is most important to us on a soul level.

Start to see resistance as a blessing in this way and as an invitation to move through it, and come out to a place where you will grow and expand.

Right here, right now, as you’re reading this, you’re at a crossroads in your life.

So lean in. Listen up.

It’s your soul speaking and he/she says,

Get UP!

I need you.

I want you.

I am you.

Choose me.

You can stick to your old habits and patterns, knowing deep down you’re not living nearly at the level you’re capable of…

Or you can use this post as a springboard towards choosing happiness.

Every single day, we’re faced with countless little decisions like this one.

In these moments, we have to decide between what’s good for us and what’s easy, comfortable, safe. It might appear to be of no consequence, but it’s the little things that add up.

And it’s the sum of these micro-decisions done consistently that determine our destiny and get BIG results.

Legendary author Jim Rohn said,

for every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.

I have seen this to be true time and time again in my own life and in my work with my clients.

Consistently take the higher road and you’ll reach happiness, greatness and even change the world by changing you.

Take the easy way out too often and you’ll live a life of mediocrity, constantly disappointing yourself until one day, you look back in regret, wondering… “what if?”

Today could be the day you trade “motivation” with inspiration and “willpower” with devotion.

Today could be the day you start devoting yourself to done.

Today could be the day you decide to rise.

To shine.

To become a beacon of light, love and inspiration in your own life, and by doing so ripple that out to those around you.

The choice is yours and only yours… what will it be?

Let me turn this to you now. What has your experience been with trying to stay motivated? How do you feel about ditching it altogether and instead allow inspiration to pull you forward? Share with me in the comments below.

And if you would love some support to ditch the overwhelm and exhaustion and lead a life filled with glowing health and happiness, you can click here to book in your complimentary Holistic Health Plan with me.


xo, rosie 135x25

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