How to Reassess when Life Stops Flowing

How to Reassess when Life Stops Flowing

Sometimes we can bump up against roadblocks on our path of life.

These are areas where the energy feels like it has stopped flowing, doors stop opening, and the way we once did things no longer seems to work.

I have come to discover that these are not bad situations where something has gone wrong. Nor are they failures of any kind.

Rather they are divine re-directions.

They are signs that it is time to stop, step back and re-assess.

They are our higher truth asking us to innovate, change, grow or step onto an entirely new path altogether.

Many of us respond to these times with more force.

We try to keep forging forward with our own ideas and agenda, in an attempt to get our plan to unfold.

But personally, I have now learnt to simply stop when something no longer feels light, flowing or effortless.

This is when it is time to surrender.

To be willing to sit in the discomfort of, “I don’t know”.


And perhaps it is time for an honest assessment:

Where are doors opening and energy flowing?

What is feeling good, light and effortless?

What am I putting energy into, that is also bringing a flow of energy back to me?


What actions do I keep taking which are not reaping rewards?

What feels stuck, mis-aligned or heavy?

Where am I going round in circles?

What is that niggling inner feeling that something is ‘off’ trying to tell me? 

This may feel challenging or confronting.

But in here lies a sacred opportunity for growth, upgrades and radical new ways of being.

And if we can find the courage to let go of the old, we will find ourselves making space for some beautiful, new manifestations to unfold.

So, perhaps make some time to get honest.

It might be time to stop, reflect and re-assess. To release what is no longer working, and what is weighing you down so you can make space for what your heart truly desires this season.

Hit the comments below and let me know what you uncover, beautiful. It goes without saying that I love hearing from you.

Have a beautiful moment. Right now.

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