Giving Back

“The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

We’re here to make a difference!

Thats why Happiness Lifestyle is committed to taking action that reflect our core belief on giving back and serving others.

We support non-government funded, commission free organisations, by donating our revenue every month to the causes we believe in – the ones that align with our values, the ones you want to contribute to.

Every person has different issues of causes that impact them personally, depending on their interests, lifestyle, family background, life experiences and health concerns.

Even without money, we find ways to give: time, clothes, blood, education, food, resources, services, etc. We have the power to make a difference, to build a better community, to shape our country, our world; to be a part of the upward progression of the universe.

Inspired and ready to get involved? We love you for that!

Here are our focus partners for projects we currently support in East Africa. Check them out and donate or volunteer if you can.

You can dive right in with our Mirror Of Hope Team, or Email us and let us know what means most to you when it comes to your chosen project.


Mirror Of Hope

Partnered with
Adventure out Loud

Mirror of Hope freakin’ ROCKS! They have so much heart and are making such a big impact. This empowering, heart-warming, grass roots community based organisation fight poverty, HIV and AIDS in Africa’s largest slum through the implementation of a number of critical health, education and entrepreneurship initiatives. Through Mirror Of Hope, we have the opportunity to help over 50 students become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation global leaders.

Unfortunately, most families living in Kibera, Africa’s Largest urban slum, cannot afford to send their children to school due to the mandatory costs associated with secondary school (equivalent to approximately USD $750/year).

This is where we believe our Sponsorship Program makes a huge difference. We facilitate sponsorships required to keep our students in school so that one day they can complete their educations, obtain a well paying job and break free from the cycle of poverty that they were born into. 

Through our efforts since Tommy’s visit, we have over 100 students now sponsored, 13 of which are now in University thanks to the amazing generosity of our sponsors here in Australia and other parts of the world.  

Watch The Video:

Tommy recently visited us in Australia (thanks to Kenyan airways for their very generous sponsorship) and we are happy to report that through his few weeks with us, we were able to raise approximately A$10,000 and get a further 20 students sponsored as well as partnership opportunities with a number of big organisations.

Tommy also went to Denmark, and they managed to raise a further US$10,000 for the continued sponsorship of the 11 students that were sponsored there last year.

We now have 22 students to get into school on time for next year. 

School commences 4th Jan, 2019.

Note: New student profiles TBC



Justine Kavere Mudaki is a 13 year old girl who lives with her parents in Kibera slums who are really suffering. Justine is passionate about helping other children in the slums who are also suffering. We met Justine as she was waiting to take on the final national examinations. She is working hard to make sure that she comes out as a successful person. Her teachers described her performance as excellent and they are very confident she will pass with flying colours. It would be so disappointing if Justine is unable to join high school due to lack of school fees. Help us help Justine continue her dream of becoming one of the greatest pilots on earth!

Raised to Date: $200.00
20% of Goal



    Meet 15 year old Jackline, who is in her final year in Global One Kibera School. She is a brilliant student and on her last exams she scored 300 marks out of 500. Her hard work in school is driven by the fact that she wants to make a difference in her parents and siblings lives. At such a young age she also thinks about those around her and spoke to us about wanting to make a difference to other people living in the slums. Her dreams of becoming a journalist one day will only be possible if she receives financial assistance to go to secondary school. Please sponsor Jackline so as to see her succeed in her academic journey.

    JACKLINE AKINYI OTIENO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Jackline would like to thank Rosie + HL tribe for their generous support.


    Laureen is a young girl of 15 years old in her final year of primary education. She was born in Nairobi county at Mathare village then later relocated to Kibera Slums. Laureen’s parents got divorced when she was very young, so she had to learn how to survive with a single parent who is earning so little for food everyday. Laureen is a very bright kid and has recently achieved a score of 314 marks out of 500 in the exams that sat her among the top 3% in the class. Please support Laureen so as to help her achieve her dreams of one day becoming a Journalist and impacting positive influence in her community.

    LAUREEN RACHAEL | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Laureen would like to thank Real Estate Investment Finance for their sponsorship for her to start secondary school! Thank you David Chehade!


    Jackline Mbusiro is a fiŌeen year-old girl born in Kuria. She is the seventh child of Mr Burure who has a total of 10 kids. Jackline together with her six siblings and parents resides in Kibera at Mashimoni village. With the dream of becoming a doctor, Jackline well understands that the only way to achieve this is through education. She desperately needs your help so as to go to high school next year. Please help Jackline by fundraising/sponsoring her education so as to see her succeed in her academic journey.

    JACKLINE MBUSIRO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Jackline is so happy to be able to start high school next year thanks to Ily Basson for her sponsorship!


    Thirteen years old Lucy is one of our star students and is in her final year of primary school. She desperately needs your help so as to go to high school next year and this will help her become a great engineer in the future. Please help Lucy by fundraising/sponsoring her education so as to see her succeed in her academic journey.

    LUCY ANYANGO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Lucy is so excited & grateful to Russell Sturgess for gifting her this start! Thank-you!


    Meet Qadra, one of the ambitious young students who is supported by our sponsorship program. Qadra lives with her Grandmother, who is extremely poor and no longer able to work. Unfortunately for Qadra, her father left her mother in 2011 and she hasn’t seen him since. Her mother passed away 5 months ago leaving her and her three sibblings, Fatina (11), Najma (5) and Kassim (2) as orphans. As such, Qadra’s relatives sent her 3 siblings to live in rural Kenya with other relatives. Qadra misses them very much and it is her dream to one day complete university, get a good job and reunite her family.

    QADRA | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Qadra would like to thank Jim Hodgetts for his sponsorship.


    Meet 14 year old Shadrack, who was born and lives in Kibera slums. Life in the slums has been very difficult and challenging for Shadrack and his family. There are many times that the family will go without food and other basic needs in their small rented house. Shadrack is the first born in his family so his siblings are looking up to him as a role model. Shadrack performs very well despite immense challenges that he faces at home and in school. He goes without food, and sometimes lacks the monthly fees payable to the school but he is trying very hard to cope with all these challenges and views them as an opportunity make him stronger. We want to help Shadrack enter into high school and rebuild the hope within his family that has been lost.

    SHADRACK WAMALWA POTEL | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Shadrack is so thankful to Rosie and the team at Happiness Lifestyle for their belief in him to succeed. He promises to study hard.


    Meet Sarah, one of the young ambitious girls supported by Mirror Of Hope. One of the only things more transparent than Sarah’s unremitting personality is her dedication to her studies. Sarah is 14 years old and lives with her aunt after her mother passed on one month ago. This was another heavy blow on Sarah as she is in her final year in primary school. She had hoped her mother would one day see her graduate from school because of the many sacrifices she made to keep Sarah in school. Sarah believes everything is possible and wants to do her mother proud as she works toward one day becoming a pilot.

    SARAH MUKUZI | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Sarah thanks Happiness Lifestyle for their support.


    Meet Victoria. She is 16 years old, her favourite colour is pink and her favourite subject is English. She loves playing soccer and doing acrobatics. One of her favourite things to do is visit orphans, the sick and the prisoners. Recently she scored 290 on her national exam putting her in the top 20% of students in her year level. She would like to one day to do a job where she can help people in need.


    VICTORIA MUKONYO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Victoria thanks Rosie and tribe for fundraising and sponsoring her.


    Meet David, one of the 20 young ambitious standard eight graduates. He is 15 years old, he loves playing football (soccer) and his favourite subject is social studies. He recently earned an outstanding score on his National Exam, putting him in the top 10% of students of his age group Kenya wide. He would love to finish his studies so that one day he can become an engineer.


    DAVID OCHIENG OTIENO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Special thanks to Adventure Out Loud for fundraising and sponsoring David.


    Meet Marion. Her favourite colour is pink, her favourite subject is maths and she loves to skip-rope with her friends in her spare time. Thanks to Happiness Lifestyle’s sponsorship, she had an amazing year in school and is so grateful for the support provided to her. She is passionate about education and says, “it is the tool needed to change the world.” After finishing school, she plans to go onto study Journalism, a career she is very passionate about pursuing.

    MARION GORETY | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Marion thanks Francine Coombes for sponsoring her.


    Meet Kevin. He is 16 years old and lives with his mother Agnes and brothers Benjamin and Justin. His favourite colour is purple, he likes games of puzzles and his favourite subject is English. With our support, Kevin’s first year in Secondary School this year went exceptionally well. With your help, he would love to continue his education so that he can go on becoming a great pilot one day. Despite being HIV positive which often causes Kevin’s mother to feel unwell, she continues to work fetching large buckets of water for labourers on construction sites to earn enough money to keep her family alive.

    KEVIN BOSIRE | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Kelvin thanks both of his sponsors Thomas Sattler & Daniel Geaboc, for allowing him to continue his education.


    Daniel, 15 years old and one of the 20 young ambitious standard eight graduates, recently earned an outstanding score on his National Exams putting him in the top 13% of his age group Kenya wide. He is passionate about helping the needy and “advocating for the justice of the minority in society.” He studies hard for his scores with the intention to go on and become a lawyer.

    NARE DANIEL SHIVAKHO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Nare Daniel thanks Rosie for sponsoring him and allowing him to continue his education.


    Meet Joy. She is 17 years old and currently lives with her grandmother who has looked after Joy from 3 years old when her mother left her. Joy’s favourite subject is maths and she recently scored 322 on her national exams putting her in the top 16% of students in her year level. Joy would like complete her studies and become a surgeon so that she can repay her grandmother and look after her instead.

    JOY ATIENO | Full Sponsorship Provided
    Raised to Date: $750
    100% of Goal

    Joy thanks Christie Battishall for her sponsorship.

USD $30,585 Total Raised to Date

100% of your sponsorship goes to: high school fees, text books and stationery, boarding fees, uniforms, food, housing, tuition and transport costs.
NONE is lost to admin fees. 

Got questions? Here are all your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money go?

All money raised goes directly to our chosen projects in East Africa that the participant selects.

Does Happiness Lifestyle charge administration fees?

No. Happiness Lifestyle does not charge admin fees or take any commission from donations and money we fundraise. Therefore, our projects selected are not liable for any costs and receive 100% of the money raised. These projects have been set up by us directly, it is all grassroots community based.

How are projects selected?

At Happiness Lifestyle, we strongly believe in the principle of ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he will eat for life.’ That is how we support projects in developing countries. We also understand that you personally work hard for your money and expect any donation you contribute to be used effectively as requested. For this reason, projects we are helping are projects we have personally visited, ones that we believe in, we’ve volunteered personally at and who are transparent. These are the ones which we have personally joined and support, donate to or sponsor at.

Want to know more?

Please contact me directly for more information if you have any questions.