Finding Peace in Uncertainty & the Unknown

Finding Peace in Uncertainty & the Unknown

The other day a dear friend of mine and I were chatting about uncertainty and the unknown, and that some key areas of our lives felt a little in limbo.

And we were both (not so patiently) waiting for it all to come together so we could get a clear picture of the path ahead.

She shared with me honestly, “I like certainty, and I like to know what is going to happen.” 

And I would say most of us feel the same way. I know I certainly do.

There is definitely a feeling of security and ease that comes from having a clear plan and feeling like we are in charge of how (and when) it will all unfold.

But I also realised that this certainty that we crave isn’t always possible. And it doesn’t always arrive on our time.

When we try to meet our need for certainty in the external world,
the way that manifests is typically through patterns of control.
We try to gain control over all the moving parts
that we feel out of control of.

And while this works sometimes, other times it is just stressful and exhausting and can create a lot of anxiety.

So how do we support ourselves when we are faced with uncertainty, the unknown and that unsettling feeling of being really out of control with what is unfolding?

  • Face the underlying fear. 

Uncertainty triggers fear – fear that the worst will happen.

The best way to move through our fear is to first face it and feel it.

Pull out your journal and get all your worries and concerns onto the page.

Fear holds a lot more power when it hides in the shadows, but when you bring it into the light, you realise you’ll most likely still be ok, even if the worst happens.


  • Surrender to the higher plan. 

Control is about trying to make ‘your’ plan unfold, while surrender will allow the higher plan to unfold.

Know that the Universe (and your Higher Self) has your back.


  • Switch from fear to faith.

Fear is a worry that the worst will happen, while faith is a knowing that the best will happen.

Fear will manifest the very thing you don’t want to create, while faith will hold space for the very thing you desire to come about.

Remember that what you place your focus on is what you create so keep your mind filled with positive, light thoughts.


  • Trust that it is all working out as it is meant to. 

Even if your plan doesn’t unfold, it does not mean anything has gone wrong.

Be aware of the voice that will try to judge a deviation from ‘your’ plan as a failure or mistake, and trust this has happened for a reason.


  • Allow for divine redirections. 

Sometimes things don’t work out because they are not meant to.

Usually it means there is something else even more magical brewing behind the scenes.

The ‘dead end’ you’re facing is actually a divine redirection steering you onto the right course.


  • Be playful and light. 

Children handle the unknown very differently to adults – they love and embrace it.

Stay open and excited about what will unfold even if it is different to what you expect.

Treat life like an exciting adventure with twists and turns.


  • Fill your present with beautiful things that make you smile. 

Your future may be hanging in the balance, but that doesn’t need to ruin where you are now.

Keep making time every day for the little things you love that will nourish you from within and make your heart happy.


  • Meditate. 

This is my go to practise in the unknown, as it brings me back into my body and helps me calm and slow my mind.

If your thoughts seem too crazy and noisy, you can use a guided meditation to help you instead of sitting in silence.

I trust there are some supportive tips in there for you, my loves.

I truly understand how unsettling it can be when many of our lives feel uncertain or are filled with the unknown.

You don’t have to wait for the external stuff to click into place for you to feel calm and happy.

Instead, amp up the self-care practices during these times to support yourself to create those feelings from within.

Now, I want to hear from you. What is one practise you would love to draw on from this post to support you through these times? Share with me in the comments below.

Until next time, have a beautiful moment. Right now.

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