Face Everything And Rise

Face Everything And Rise

Whenever we take a chance and enter into unfamiliar territory, or put ourselves into the world in a new way, we experience fear. Very often, this fear prevents us from moving forward. The trick is to FEEL THE FEAR, AND DO IT ANYWAY.

– Susan Jeffers

Fear; that hold-on-tight scary barrier that stops us from moving forward and being part of the upward progression of the universe.Fear of showing up and being seen. What would people think? Fear of vulnerability, that people will judge, that we’re not accepted just the way we are. The fear of not being good enough, ready enough, that no one would dig my stuff. The usual b.s. stories we tell ourselves that stop us SHINING in the world, souls left unexpressed.

You know the cushiness of your comfort zone becomes reality for too long when you meet all inner resistance. Yup, that was me.

Getting myself out there? That scared the s**t out of me.

I was jumping out of my skin with anxiety at the thought of using such a basic limited online platform. Built from scratch by yours truly, with zero know-how, it seemed way too small for my epic vision. I came across every kind of stumbling block to be had. Disheartened, I almost left it. I almost let my underlying fear-driven, anxiety-ridden, limiting perfectionism get in the way of doing it at all.

“A miracle isn’t when you get your way, a miracle is when you get out of your way.”- Gabrielle Bernstein

And it hit me. I needed to believe in myself. I needed to play big. I needed to stop comparing myself to others and see the need for me. I needed to rise to the challenge. And then rise again and let go of my self-inflicted criticism. By letting go of expectations, I realized I had a platform for unbelievable energy to SHINE throughout, regardless of its limitations. It was FEAR that was getting in the way.

The risk of staying in my comfort zone and wondering “what if” became greater than trying and potentially failing. The feeling of regret soon outweighed my fear of failure. I came to understand that I can be as amazing and as creative as I like, because there’s no longer any possibility of failure. I realized that my worst case scenarios were just a thought, a false limiting belief that when questioned, weren’t true and totally not the situation I found myself in.

So, I decided to leap even if there isn’t a net.

See what happens. I’ll give it my best shot, pour my heart and soul into it with the resources I have available, get out of my own way and click launch + learn. And here I am.

I am so humbled by this opportunity that I wanted to tell you right from the start. I wanted to show you one example that in life, when we go for it, do the thing that scares us, good things happen.

And so it is with a whole lot of courage and radical self-respect that I am here, standing tall, leaping into my fear and taking action.

Because I believe in myself. And I believe in you.


So let me turn this to you now.

What’s one thing you know you should do but have been avoiding because it scares you?

Each of us has a personal calling that’s unique to us, a soul contract, and the bigger the challenges, the bigger your opportunity for growth.

Face your fear by writing it down and make a list of the ways it is limiting you.

Then, beside each one, write out the worst thing that could happen if you do go through with it.

Once you’ve written down your fears, you will see whether the fear is based on common sense or irrationality and whether the potential gain is bigger than the potential loss. This approach packs a punch in weakening your fear and uncovers what’s true. This exercise is not about staying stuck in your fears, but to face them head-on so they can transform in your daily work.

Next to each fear, turn it around and reframe this belief with love. 

Write an empowering statement that is the opposite of your fear. Stand up to the never good enough. Stand up to that ego who loves nothing more than to keep you playing small.

Here’s an example:
Fear: I’m not good enough, this isn’t going to be good enough, I’m afraid of being judged.
Mind shift: I am MORE THAN enough. I forgive this fear and know that it is neither true nor serving me. I approve of myself and commit to see love instead.

This isn’t about getting “over” your fears. It’s about digging deep and diving INTO them. By acknowledging their presence and changing the way you look at them, what you look at – changes. Writing them down (with no judgement attached), allows you to shine a light on the falseness of your fears and see them for what they really are + where they come from.

Each time you choose to be courageous enough to be with what scares you, to look beneath the surface and uncover what’s truly behind your fear, you step towards your truth and into a more fulfilling life. And guess what? You’re not alone! We’re all scared. No one is fearless. But in order to be where you want to be, you have to be that person right now.

Be that person, define your purpose, put your why in a sentence and give yourself concrete reason to get the ball rolling.

Clarity is key, energy is precious, focus is invaluable.
You are too valuable to not do what fires you up and sparks you.
Is it time to go for it and see what happens?

I think yes!

Big Love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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