Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, Spain

Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, Spain

Step into your next Uplevel

4-day VIP Retreat

There is an element of GRACE and an UNFOLDING – layers of ego – that MELTS off you.

What we truly long for – what we really crave – is a deep connection within ourselves, and with life.

We thrive when we are loved, nurtured and supported.

We shine when we are seen, heard, held and celebrated.

It is only when we are accepting of who we are and speaking to ourselves in empowering ways that we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

It is only when we are practising wholehearted self-love and embodying our authentic power that we can rise into our fullest and most luminous potential.

For the first time, we’re bringing you a retreat that focuses on your soul truth;
A retreat curated around deep inner transformation in ALL WAYS…
…pairing that wisdom with the one thing that will decide whether you step into your next uplevel: your mindset.

Give yourself the gift of time to restore and reconnect in absolute comfort and tranquillity.

A chance to see who you become in it.

A chance to bring it all home, into your mind and into your body with an experience you’ll never forget.

Are you ready to escape to a tranquil sanctuary and awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and let love guide your life?

Limited spots available, book now!


What are you waiting for?

Rosie will support you to let go and peel away the conditioned belief symptoms that aren’t serving you anymore, so that you can more fully embody and live the largest expression of yourself.

You will be guided through practical exercises, heart-opening meditations and provide practical, easy to apply guidance and tools.

And best of all in an environment where you get to more fully experience the inner stillness that illuminates who you truly are.

As you awaken to this radiance, you’ll more naturally expand into greater levels of clarity, joy, trust, creativity and love in your life.

Immerse yourself in a transformative environment and discover who you truly are.

Different Days, Different Practices to help you blossom in the environment, but also aid in the transformative process.

The journey we walk,
to heal our relationship with ourselves,
to embrace what we deem as flaws,
to love the parts we feel are broken,
is no small journey to walk.

It is a journey that requires us to crack our hearts open,
so we can unravel our judgments and criticisms,
and unlearn the stories which make us feel unworthy.
It is a journey that requires us to shift our perspective,
so we can see our light and brilliance,
and finally give ourselves the acceptance, praise, approval and kindness that we have been craving for years.

You will receive the space and support you need to not only heal but discover TRUE happiness, trust, confidence and courage.

We’ll switch it up daily to experience awareness and growth plus attain clarity, providing you with the optimal opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome
for you.

Join us for a transformational getaway at the multi Award-winning Bed & Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat.

Come and join us to empower yourself with the tools you need to help live an epic life!

Reawaken to Radiance. Return to Yourself




During this soulful 4 days, we will explore:
  • Soul-Alignment
    Get clear about who you truly are, align with your purpose and step into AUTHENTIC confidence. With clear desires and intentions, with the release of disempowering beliefs, and with the freedom to move forward, you will step up and own your impact.
  • Wholehearted Self-Love
    Learn the power of unconditional love and radical self-acceptance and how to build a loving an empowering relationship with yourself. Explore the importance of balancing ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how you can slow down and reconnect with yourself.
  • Release + Heal with Love
    Release old stories and beliefs and shift your inner dialogue out of criticism and judgment and into love and acceptance. Self-support and self-soothing and how to care for yourself when you most need it. Shift out of old paradigms and into new ways of being. Create new inner stories, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that is aligned to who you truly are.
  • Build Self-Trust
    Break up with self-doubt and learn how to build deep trust within yourself and your inner guidance. No longer question yourself, your choices and your decisions. Learn how to live in integrity with your inner truth and why this is the key to an empowered life.
  • Experience Deeper Love + Freedom
    We all walk around with internal programming or unconscious ‘baggage’ that impacts every single area of our life. You will learn how to release unhealthy patterns, see your value, upgrade your self-worth and raise the standard of what you desire to receive from life and others.
  • Transformation
    Uncover the subconscious limiting beliefs you’ve held that have left you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and struggling to achieve your next uplevel and step into authentic confidence you need to move forward.

    …it’s time to feel lighter, happier and fully aligned.

The Location

The B&B is right in the middle of the city center, yet it’s so homey and tranquil that it actually takes quite some effort to
leave in the morning and explore the city!

It’s the perfect place to reignite your life, rediscover serenity and rejuvenate the soul.

Your stay at the B&B includes:

  • A warm welcome plus intro into the beautiful city boasting with culture, great restaurants and beautiful beaches
  • Immersive transformation with your Coach Rosie
  • Bed and breakfast with comfort and style in the heart of Valencia, Spain
  • Daily mindfulness meditation sessions with Rosie
  • 2 daily workshops with Rosie
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life
  • Daily gourmet Champagne and Cava Breakfast Buffet
  • Explore the streets, markets, shops and beautiful coast of Valencia on bike or foot
  • Rest, play, adventure, rejuvenation
  • Early bird meditation room for those who would like a quiet moment of contemplation
  • An experience you’ll never forget!

Enjoy a range of other services available:

  • Expert massages by experienced therapists
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions with Rosie

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Escape the Ordinary, to make your life Extraordinary.

 The Testimonials

“I couldn’t get enough! Rosie is very energetic,
practical and inspiring and went over and beyond.”
– Mateo, Valencia Spain

“Empowering, inspiring and motivating to take into my life moving forward.
It was very much what I needed and to have a 1:1 personalised yoga session too was icing on the cake.
It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend people to attend.” – Carole, Dubai


“I loved all topics! They really spoke to me.
I only wish the workshops went for longer and we had more time together!
Both Rosie & Pauline created a safe space and gave examples from their own life which really helped me to open up.”
– Louise, Belgium

Great speakers and teachers! They were so well prepared!
I have learned so much from Rosie. She is very inspirational with a lot of positive energy and knowledge.
She is very open and friendly, helpful, full of joy and straight from the heart!!
As for Pauline, she is a role model of change and a prime example of someone who is successful making choices with added focus. Loved the yoga and chi gong classes!” – Adelinde, The Netherlands

“Out of all the workshops I have attended (and believe me, there have been many)
yours has by far been the most impactful to date. It isn’t information. It is transformation!!
I got so much clarity and am excited to see where this all now takes me as I move forward.
Thank you for your time, your passion and energy. It is contagious!” – Zoe, Australia

About your Coach

Rosie Chehade-Aiello is a Certified Transformational Leadership Mentor, Integrative Wellbeing Coach and Life Strategist. Rosie works with individuals, CEO’s and women in business and specialises in helping others reclaim their energy and balance, true happiness and glowing health.

She has led transformational group intensives and workshops as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally, and has personally helped hundreds break their cycle of stuck and overcome burn out, overwhelm, fatigue and anxiety.

Through her combination of both transformational and practical mentoring, Rosie supports you in awakening to your wholeness and lead a more open, happy and fulfilling life.

To book a private coaching session with Rosie during your stay, click here.

More Information

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Let us help you discover a new you!