Sunshine Coast Sacred Reset

Sunshine Coast Sacred RESET Retreat

Sunday 23 August, 2020

Due to high demand of our soul-Ed out 1 day sacred reset, we have decided to officially open Sunday 23rd August for you!  Tickets now available.

There is an element of GRACE and an UNFOLDING – layers of ego – that MELTS off you.

What we truly long for – what we really crave – is a deep connection within ourselves, and with life.

We thrive when we are loved, nurtured and supported.

We shine when we are seen, heard, held and celebrated.

It is only when we are accepting of who we are and speaking to ourselves in empowering ways that we can expand into our highest and brightest selves.

It is only when we are practising wholehearted self-love and embodying our authentic power that we can rise into our fullest and most luminous potential.

For the first time, we’re bringing you a retreat that will push the RESET button on your heart mind and soul…
A retreat curated around deep UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from the inside out…
A day of self-love & care – your time to re-charge, re-align & re-connect to you. 

Give yourself the gift of time to restore and reconnect in absolute comfort and tranquillity.

A chance to see who you become in it.

A chance to bring it all home, into your mind and into your body with an experience you’ll never forget.

Join Melina and Rosie for a full day of being taken care of, fresh organic food, deep sub-conscious healing and re-wiring, presence, meditation & yoga.

Are you ready to escape to a tranquil sanctuary and awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and let love guide your life?

Limited spots available, book now!



What are you waiting for?

Through a potent journey of conscious + sub-conscious, Rosie will support you to let go and peel away the conditioned belief symptoms that aren’t serving
you anymore, so that you can more fully embody and live the largest expression of yourself.

You will be guided through a grounding Yin Yoga class with Melina, heart-opening meditation and provide practical, easy to apply guidance and tools.

And best of all in an environment where you get to more fully experience the inner stillness that illuminates who you truly are.

As you awaken to this radiance, you’ll more naturally expand into greater levels of clarity, joy, trust, creativity and love in your life.

Immerse yourself in a transformative environment and discover who you truly are.

In the busy lives that we lead, we are always being pulled outwards.
Our lives are filled with taking action, getting things done, ticking items off the to-do list and achieving our goals.

In our attempt to keep up with all of the external demands, we can end up becoming disconnected from ourselves.
We may feel disconnected from our feelings, our needs and wants, our deepest desires and from what makes us happy, calm and nourished.

So, what we need more than ever, are tools to help us re-connect, and turn our focus inwards.
We need practices to help us slow down our minds, find our centre and feel calm and grounded.

We need to learn how to consciously unplug, nurture ourselves and get back in tune
with our hearts, bodies and inner wisdom. 

The journey we walk,
to heal our relationship with ourselves,
to embrace what we deem as flaws,
to love the parts we feel are broken,
is no small journey to walk.

It is a journey that requires us to crack our hearts open,
so we can unravel our judgments and criticisms,
and unlearn the stories which make us feel unworthy.
It is a journey that requires us to shift our perspective,
so we can see our light and brilliance,
and finally give ourselves the acceptance, praise, approval and kindness that we have been craving for years.

You will receive the space and support you need to not only heal but discover TRUE happiness, trust, confidence and courage.
Come and join us to unlock your true self and live an epic life!

Reawaken to Radiance. Return to Yourself.




What your day looks like with Melina + Rosie:
    You will begin your day with a welcome warm drink on the deck so we can meet each other and start to lap up the beauty and serenity that surrounds us.
    Ground into a soul-nourishing morning yin yoga & breathwork session to soothe and restore your mind, body and soul back into the present moment.
    We will deep dive into shifting you out of old paradigms and break you free from those sub-conscious limiting beliefs to being emotionally FREE and show up confidentially and authentically as you really are.
    Learn the power of unconditional love and radical self-acceptance and how to build a loving and empowering relationship with yourself. Explore the importance of balancing ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how you can slow down and reconnect with yourself.
    Enjoy a very nourishing, nutritious gourmet vegetarian lunch. Earth to plate, straight from the local organic community and our beautiful Sarah + Ben from New Earth right here on the Coast. (If you’re GF and DF, we’ve got your back!). Your morning and afternoon tea will be filled with organic raw cacao treats, fresh fruit, cheese and refreshing herbal teas.
    You will experience a powerful subconscious healing session to unlock your true self so you can finally believe you are enough on a mind, body and soul level. You will get a 21 day rewiring to really cement your reset in on a deep cellular level.
    Nestled in the serene Noosa Hinterland, explore the beautiful gardens and bushland on the property. Take time to breathe, centre and ground yourself as you integrate the days activities.
    We will finish the day in circle tapping in to our hearts and creating a flower mandala filled with our loving intentions that will leave you feeling peace, calmness and aligned from within.

    …it’s time to feel lighter, happier and fully aligned.


The Location

Nestled in the serene Noosa Hinterland (Pinbarren), the The BIG House is referred to as the “House of Hearts”, the BIG House provides a gentle  embrace, warmth, and safety.

The Big House is the perfect place to reignite your passion, rediscover serenity and rejuvenate the soul. 
Listen, and your heart will open here at The Big House Retreat.

Your Experience Also Includes:

  • An organic Morning and Afternoon tea + Lunch
  • Deep re-wiring + 21 day recording to continue your deep self-love journey
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life
  • Gift bags to take home with you. These goodies will allow you to bring more harmony, self love and care into your everyday life.
  • An experience you’ll never forget

What to bring:

  • Wear comfortable warm clothing for Yoga
  • A yoga mat (please let us know if you don’t have one and we can provide)
  • Water bottle
  • Optional: a change of clothes and towel
  • Any other personal items you may need during the day

Your Investment: $249

Spaces are limited to an intimate group of 12. Secure your Spot your NOW.


The Testimonials

“I did this with Rosie last year and was so impressed I signed up for a year mentoring with her and she’s helped me get back on track with my life but also shake off old beliefs that held me back. ANNNDDDD, four of my friends have signed up with her – because she is the best mentor/intuitive therapist/coach I’ve met… I thoroughly recommend doing her retreats. If life is running you and you’ve lost your Self in all the pressures put on you – get to the bottom of it and shift it!”
“Rosie is a beautiful facilitator. Coupled with nurturing food, body work and more, this will be a beautiful, life changing day!”
“What a fabulous day! I really just wanted to stay, what a great bunch of women too!
I had so many breakthroughs and feel so much lighter in my being!
Loved the day, thank you so much for putting together such a nurturing experience.”
“Thank you for your guidance, for creating a beautiful nurturing safe space & for triggering
my ability to heal myself on another level. Your vivacious energy & enthusiasm is infectious.”
“Out of all the workshops I have attended (and believe me, there have been many)
yours has by far been the most impactful to date. It isn’t information. It is transformation!!
I got so much clarity and am excited to see where this all now takes me as I move forward.
Thank you for your time, your passion and energy. It is contagious!”

Meet your Retreat Facilitators

Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is an International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry.

Rosie specialises in helping high achieving women + business owners reclaim their wholeness, rise up in their Leadership and quantum leap into their next-level success.

She holds a masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), the unique and proven Enhances Awareness Program and is a Pathways to Mindfulness Facilitator, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing.

Through her powerful combination of the conscious, sub-conscious and step-by-step strategies, Rosie’s unique integrative process blends the Mental, Emotional, Financial + Spiritual work into a truly Transformational experience.

Melina Demertzis is a Heart Based Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.  Melina was initially drawn to yoga and mindfulness for its ability to connect body, mind and spirit and was soon addicted to the soothing qualities of the practices.

Using conscious breath, feel good gentle yoga and peaceful mindfulness practices, Melina brings a gentle, calming and soothing energy to her classes.  Her mission is to create a space of stillness, peace and spaciousness for people to connect back to their heart.

Her soft, feminine presence will leave you feeling nurtured, calm and grounded.

She believes mindfulness, meditation and yoga is for absolutely everyone and is passionate about sharing this with the world.

Spaces are limited to an intimate group of 12.

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