Your Best Self, Life Transformational Retreat, Hawaii

Your Best Self – Life Transformation Retreat

Oahu, Hawaii

July 14th-19th, 2020

What if a single week can change the course of your life?

For those who are ready to SHINE their light, EMBODY their Power, and OWN their Impact they’re being called to create.

THIS IS OUR GOAL. WE WANT you TO HAVE A once IN A lifetime EXPERIENCE in one of the most beautiful settings in Hawaii.

For the first time, we’re bringing you a retreat that focuses on ALL 3 POWERFUL levels:

The Inner work, Practical step-by-step Strategy + application…

Pairing these with the one thing that will ENSURE you leave your limitations behind for good: Your Mindset.

It’s time to next level-up… and we’ve got you.

A full week curated around transformation in ALL WAYS where you will accelerate your growth with rapid results + also have the time and space to restore and reconnect with yourself in comfort and tranquility.

A chance to revel in sacred Hawaii.

A chance to see who you become in it.
And a chance to bring it all home, into your mind and into your heart with an experience you’ll never forget.

Join us in this transformational week!  


Hidden away in a place of absolute paradise right on the ocean front, this entire retreat will instill a sense of absolute clarity into every aspect of your life.

Change is all a matter of mindset, inspiration + motivation!

You will receive the space and support you need to not only start healing but step into your best self: more confident, more vital and more successful.

Immerse yourself in a transformative environment, discover who you are and what you truly want.




Your Best Self Retreat is a full week LIVE experience with Pauline, Rosie + Angie.
  • Align with your purpose
    Get clear about who you truly are, align with your purpose and step into AUTHENTIC confidence.
  • Connect Within
    Free energetic limitations and old stories unconsciously playing out. Invite in stillness, breath and awareness.  
  • Rewire Limiting Beliefs
    Shift out of old paradigms and break free of sub-conscious limiting beliefs you didn’t know were holding you back from your next up-level.
  • Perform at Your Best
    The most successful people in the world are the ones who are mastering the fundamentals that can launch them to the next level. Master your Mindset + Learn how to maximize your potential and performance.
  • Elevate your Energy
    Take a look under the hood at your energy, avoid burnout and see how you can feel energized with optimum vitality, making real change to create real happiness in your life.
  • Paint the Canvas
    Gain clarity on the EXACT reality you desire and shift into action to living out your deepest desires.
  • Awaken to Your Wholeness
    Learn the power of unconditional love and radical self-acceptance and how to build a loving and empowering relationship with yourself. Explore the importance of balancing ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how you can slow down and reconnect with yourself.
  • Happiness Crash Course
    Learn science-based activities that you can incorporate daily to be more joyous.  You’ll be surprised how much you can control your own happiness!
  • Step into your Authentic Power
    With clear desires and intentions, with the release of disempowering beliefs and with the freedom to move forward, you will step up and own your impact so you can be the badass person you really are and confidently share your voice and gifts with the world.

Of this be sure:

You do not find a happy life… you create it.

Are you ready?



This experience is an all-inclusive retreat in Hawaii!  Your Package includes:
  • Accommodation in a secluded ocean-front villa in Oahu, Hawaii
  • Daily gourmet Breakfast and Lunch
  • Daily fresh Vegetarian sunset Dinners (+ 1 optional dinner out)
  • All Transportation to scheduled activities + airport pickup and drop off
  • Daily transformational group sessions + classes
  • Heart-opening Meditations + Breath-work Classes
  • Yoga classes with Pauline
  • Organised group activities like Waterfall hikes + visits to sacred sites
  • ….and so much more!

*You will also have access to your coaches for private 1:1 sessions

Different days, different practices to help you blossom in the environment, but also aid in the transformative process.

Are you ready to embody your power and say yes to you? Join us.



Package Options


$1999 $2599 if you book by 30th March!
The price will go up to the original price from 1st of April.

If you’d like to arrive earlier, or stay a few days longer to enjoy some extra sun, beach and nature – let us know and for a special daily rate of $75/night you can have some more “me-time”!


Who is the Event For?

We welcome professionals, entrepreneurs + leaders from all walks of life, and all around the world who are ready to work on their own personal influence, self-care and success. This means YOU.
There is power in immersions, they accelerate your results. And, the in-person experience with us will support you in maintaining your success!

The Testimonials

Empowering, inspiring and motivating to take into my life moving forward.  It was very much what I needed and to have a 1:1 personalised yoga session too was icing on the cake.  It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend people to attend.” – Carole, Dubai

“I loved all topics! They really spoke to me.  I only wish the workshops went for longer and we had more time together!  Both Rosie & Pauline created a safe space and gave examples from their own life which really helped me to open up.” – Louise, Belgium

Great speakers and teachers! They were so well prepared!  I have learned so much from Rosie. She is very inspirational with a lot of positive energy and knowledge.  She is very open and friendly, helpful, full of joy and straight from the heart!!  As for Pauline, she is a role model of change and a prime example of someone who is successful making choices with added focus. Loved the yoga and chi gong classes!” –Adelinde, The Netherlands

“Out of all the workshops I have attended (and believe me, there have been many) yours has by far been the most impactful to date. It isn’t information. It is transformation!!  I got so much clarity and am excited to see where this all now takes me as I move forward.  Thank you for your time, your passion and energy. It is contagious!” – Zoe, Australia

Ange Arbuckle embodies the expansive energy of Hawaii. Every retreat is a masterpiece. The island home, hospitality, and of course, host will have you living into your brightest and most abundant self in a short period of time. My time with Ange Arbuckle and her business , retreat in Hawaii, changed my whole life. I look forward to creating another gorgeous experience with her.-  Mary-Grace Busti

Retreat in Hawaii is a magical place where you can experience a luxurious, but laid back Hawaiian home, beach, and culture. Ange has the wisdom of a master healer and conscious mama of 3, combined with the drive of a serial entrepreneur who has created a thriving wellness center, community, and transformational retreats worldwide. Ange combines her Canadian kindness, with her deep roots in Hawaiian culture and community to help you feel comfortable, welcomed, and relaxed while exploring authentic Hawaiian experiences.  Retreat in Hawaii is unique from hotels and resorts in that it provides a feeling of “ohana” — family — and a nurturing, conscious home. – Melisine

Meet your Coaches 


Pauline Leung is a Business Professional and works for the world’s largest cosmetics company for the last 15 years. Next to her corporate life, she is a passionate coach with a mission to guide others to gain more clarity, focus and joy. She’s a Certified High Performance Coach, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Practitioner and truly enjoys sharing her own experiences and knowledge with the world.  Pauline uses academically proven techniques to support her clients to get the most out of their days and for them to feel fully charged so they can live the life they want (during and after working hours!).

Rosie Chehade is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is an internationally Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Energy Coach, Master Mentor and Speaker in the Health and Consciousness industry. Rosie specialises in helping others reclaim their health + happiness, raise their self-belief and receive rapid success. She is also licensed in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a Mindfulness Facilitator and has led transformational group intensives and workshops as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally.

Through her combination of both transformational and practical mentoring, Rosie supports her clients in awakening to their wholeness and lead more open, happy and fulfilling lives.

Ange Arbuckle is a certified life coach, intuitive healer, holistic nutritionist and a creator of wellness experiences and international retreats for over 18 years. Her passion is watching souls come alive with, purpose, passion and living an authentic life. Ange is transformation and she truly walks her talk. She has taken pain and trauma and made paradise inside of her body and soul. Her compassion is infinite and her love for life is highly contagious! She invites your deepest souls’ knowing to rise to awaken the core of your existence.

More Information

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