Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

What’s your definition of success?

Is it to achieve goals you’re proud of? Perhaps create wealth, abundance, freedom?

My definition of success: showing up as the best version of myself. Showing up in a loving compassionate way, full of energy, joy and appreciation for the work I do.

Being present in every moment.

Clarity came when I decided to get off the merry-go-round and just be – liberating my cells, my fibre, my muscles, of the tension that comes containing it. Over the weekend, I dropped everything and tended to me. I walked in nature, listened to music; watched the ocean, felt the breeze.

As soon as I slowed down, MIRACLES happened.


Because life is happening RIGHT NOW. Because that chase, that never-ending-striving, pushing through our to do list, is about external validation that is very limiting and will only get us so far before we hit major blockages.

By taking time out and reclaiming your center, many stumbling blocks disappear.

I challenge you to change your view of success this week.

Rather than seeing success as something in the future, something you are constantly striving towards, see it as already here in the present, something that is available to us in every moment, because of how you show up in the world – by being the best version of yourself.

When you feel lost, stressed, anxious and unhappy, it’s a sure sign to go inward and tend to you first.

The way to do EVERYTHING better is to SLOW down and be HERE NOW.

And I promise, your goals, your dreams, your achievements WILL come because you are showing up so fully in the present that you are shining so much light into the world.

Is this a new definition of success you can commit to this week?

Much Love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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