DONNA MOULDS | Speaker, Mentor & Trainer, ACT Australia

DONNA MOULDS | Speaker, Mentor & Trainer, ACT Australia

When I started working with Rosie, my life was in crisis in every element. I felt trapped, overwhelmed and didn’t know how to shift my thinking, or my out of control emotional spiral into despair. I had every stress factor you could have imagined, my business was in crisis, my Mother was coming through Cancer surgery and my adult Son was relapsed back into drug addiction, and I was felling like life was over.

Rosie was just incredible in helping me get to core issues/stories to be able to start to unravel the mess. She was with me 100% of the way and still is. The tools Rosie provides are so amazing and easy to keep in your daily practice. To be able to reach out when your stuck was so incredibly valuable and Rosie is always responsive. You know you matter and your personal journey is a priority with Rosie in your life.

Today I am a very different woman and have such a balanced perspective on what’s important in this life. My commitment to my own self care and wellbeing is at a level never before experienced. I feel deep love, joy and a greater purpose in my life and it’s all because I did the WORK, thanks to Rosie who never let me give up on me.

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