Does This Serve Me?

Does This Serve Me?

This week’s #MindfulMonday is a real game changer and all about breaking old patterns. Supporting yourself comes from being aware in each moment of how you are thinking, feeling and acting toward YOU.

When you get caught up in your fear cycle and all that negativity (judgment, attack, jealousy, etc) steps in, take a deep breath, check in with yourself and ask: How does this serve me? Potent questions like this – witnessing instead of reacting – creates a gap, dissolves the cycle and serves as a powerful form of healing.

Because here’s the thing: Love didn’t create this.

You have the power to choose again.

What unwelcome emotion has set anchor in your being? It’s time to unhook that bad boy and set sail this week, wouldn’t you say?

All love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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