Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams

Sometimes, it’s not enough to meticulously craft our vision boards and journal the sweet nothings that we long for. True manifestion requires us to first understand – cellularly and energetically – that we are worthy.

So, today’s post is about you. It’s about inspiring you to muster the moxie to go grab your dreams.

The ones that make your heart beat with both fear and excitement. The ones that seem so big right now, you wonder how on earth it’ll ever materialise.

This is your year, trail blazer. Your year to shine.

Those dreams have been given to you for a reason. They dropped into your heart and mind to show you EVERYTHING that is POSSIBLE.

Just start.

Stop procrastinating, making excuses, dilly dallying, umming and ahhing.

Get amongst it.
Dive in headfirst.
Learn as you go.
Birth it.
Start before you’re ready.

Make the first move.

Make the Universe shift seismically for you – because when you step first – it will. It’s a given!

You will grow, evolve, expand with them. You will undergo a transformation that will enable you to step into them.

Now imagine the person you will become once you take that step. It is time to back yourself all the way. Love and honour yourself to follow your bliss whole heartedly and expect miracles.

How will you follow your curiosities this year, sweet friends?

All love,

xo, rosie 135x25

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