Be Still

Be Still

“Find stillness each day where you can listen to your inner voice of wisdom, your intuition, and in this place celebrate that you have manifested the power to transform yourself by transforming those around you into beautiful and beneficial patterns that will replace the old…”

– Bobby Klein

This week is all about STILLNESS.

Can you carry peace within you as you move through your day?

Can you hold a space of stillness in your mind no matter what is unfolding?

It’s simply about bringing a greater awareness to the quality of your inner world.

It is in moments of stillness we find clarity. We find the answers to all that we seek. We tune into our truth.

We unearth our true zone of genius.

We find the source of unlimited creativity.

When your mind feels chaotic and you’re in over-action mode this week, just stop, step away from whatever you are doing and take a few deep breaths.

Have a magical week, my loves.

You have totally got this!

Beaming you big love today,

xo, rosie 135x25

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