9 Practices to Overcome Money Obstacles

9 Practices to Overcome Money Obstacles

As I’m coaching clients, I often hear they are irritated and frustrated when it comes to making money. They’re doing all the ‘right’ things… but they haven’t done the inner work to clear their money blocks!

The inner work always comes first.

Your beliefs about money and your self-worth are extremely powerful when it comes to experiencing more happiness, serving more people and making more money.

The first step to releasing your inner blocks is being aware of them.

One of the most powerful systems I use to support clients in learning about their patterns is the Enneagram Personality Assessment. It helps you see your unconscious programming so that you can release your limitations. By seeing the misunderstandings, you can let go of them easier and get out of your own way. You’re then able to stand behind yourself 100%, and as a result, experience more freedom and often make more money.

Read below and see which type resonates most with you.

1. The Perfectionist Shadow: “I’ll never be good or perfect enough to have abundance.”

Unconscious Story: I earn worth by being perfect and by creating perfection around me. There is a right and a wrong way and I should do it right.

You value integrity and honesty but you set such high standards for yourselves and others that the inner critic is overactive and focuses on what’s missing or flawed with your services. This means charging money for your offerings can be difficult if you believe your inner critic since you’ll doubt the value you bring.

Learning to be compassionate with yourself is the important medicine for you. Your inner critic is innocent; it just thinks criticism works. Accept the critic, don’t judge it. See that it’s doing it’s best to try to help you. Give it the compassion it needs and you will see that the perfection you are looking for is already here. In this way, you discover acceptance doesn’t mean being passive.


  • I AM perfect as I am now.


  • Who am I when I am not judging myself?
  • Who am I when I am not trying to be good or perfect?

2. The Helper Shadow: “I have to take care of others before my financial needs can be met.”

Unconscious Story: I am unwanted and unloved for myself alone. I earn love through helping others and connecting with them.

You have a big heart and are great with people. You are sensitive to their needs and know what will help; often before they know what they need themselves.

You might find that you go over and beyond. You might have trouble asking for money so you give it away but that can end up leading you to burn-out, and broke.

When we help others but are unconsciously looking for love and acceptance through it, it creates a dependency that can result in resentment if those you help don’t take care of your needs, also.

Know that it’s not selfish to receive as much as you give.

Learning to identify your needs, giving without attachment and asking for what you want are important lessons for you.


  • I am receiving the abundance that is available to me now.


  • Who am I when I’m not caring for others?

3. The Achiever Shadow: “I have to work hard to have success and abundance.”

Unconscious Story: I earn worth through what I achieve. I am valuable if I am successful in the eyes of others.

You love efficiency and you are good at getting a lot done, but watch out for overworking or comparing yourself to others. Abundance and fulfillment are a dance of doing and being.

Slowing down allows for creative insights and inspiration to flow through and to support you much further than overworking ever could.

Unconsciously, you believe a certain amount of success will make you worthy of abundance. But behind the lists of ‘accomplishments’, which creates your image, is someone who is not sure of his/her worth or value and this makes ‘closing the deal’ difficult.

Know that your worth is granted in your Being. You never needed to prove your worth. You are more than enough as you already are.


  • I am valuable and enough just as I am.


  • Who am I when I’m not achieving?
  • Who am I when I’m not improving?

4. The Individualist Shadow: “Everyone else can have prosperity, but I’m afraid I’ll be left out. The idea that I don’t have something everybody else does creates isolation and a downward spiral.”

Unconscious Story: I’m afraid I don’t have personal significance, that I am flawed and I long for that missing piece.

You’re a soul-deep diver and want to know who you really are; you want to create intimacy and beauty and share truth in the world.

When you aren’t present in your life, you can’t see the abundance that is already here, so experiencing satisfaction can be difficult.

Keep a gratitude journal of the abundance and gifts that are already in your life and this will help you to open your mind to see the prosperity that’s here.


  • When I am true to myself, I know my unique expression of the whole.
  • Abundance is in the depth of my Being and I share that with the world.


  • Who am I without the belief that I don’t belong?
  • Who am I without the belief I am flawed or different?

5. The Investigator Shadow: “I hold on to money because I fear I will never have enough and/or that others will take what I have.”

Unconscious Story: I am good and safe if I am capable and competent on my own.

Seeing money as scarce will create a sense of withholding, hoarding, and stagnation in your life. When, in fact, money is energy and energy is abundant. If you are able to fully embrace this understanding, you can let it flow in and out of your life without so much fear.

A great practice for you is to notice all the ways money comes into your life. When you acknowledge the many avenues it can take to get to you, you can release the fear that more won’t come.


  • I am an open channel for money to flow through me.
  • All of the knowledge of the Universe is within me now.


  • Who am I when I don’t need to know?

6. The Loyalist Shadow: “I won’t have the security and financial support I need.”

Unconscious Story: I earn safety by constantly seeking security, structure, stability and by doing what is asked of me.

You are loyal, love security and routine and that’s beautiful.

It’s when we aren’t present that we can get stuck in worst-case-scenario thinking, which is helpful in the midst of a crisis, but it bogs down creativity in your life. The fear you have of being incompetent or incapable is just your imagination. It’s not necessarily real.

It’s totally ok to take small steps towards your goals… no need to leap, just be consistent. Make a list of the skills you have or would like to learn as you take one step at a time towards reaching your financial goals.


  • I am always supported and taken care of.


  • Who am I when I’m not worried?

7. The Enthusiast Shadow: “If I really commit to making money, I’ll be trapped or have to do something I don’t want to do.”

Unconscious Story: If I keep my options open and don’t commit to anything for too long, I won’t get hurt or trapped.

You like to keep things light and easy. You can feel overwhelmed when things start to feel serious. So, making money in a daily job can feel too stressful and frustrating to commit to. You worry that a job will keep you from spending time on the big dreams and visions that will give you freedom from the 9-5 trap.

Chasing the next shiny object before completing the first goal is what many entrepreneurs get caught in. Know that this way of being won’t support you in bringing your bigger vision to life.

Hire a team to help see your vision through or simply have patience with yourself as you reach your goals. Focus, presence, clarity will support you in your success.

What gets to the water: 100 one foot wells? Or one 100 foot well?


  • Success is where I am now.
  • I am happy and all my needs are fulfilled right now.


  • Who am I when I’m not looking for freedom somewhere else?

8. The Challenger Shadow: “Money is power and it is a way I can be controlled by others.”

Unconscious Story: I need to be powerful to be safe in the world. People take advantage of weakness so I must be strong.

You like the big challenges in life, but if you feel you can be controlled by others through money and power, it will be hard for you to let yourself be vulnerable. You have a big heart, but sometimes it’s hard for you to trust others, which would enable you to show it more.

Money will be a source of tremendous anxiety if you feel others can control you through it. You thought that, “If I have money, I’ll be protected and in control”, but really that’s the mindset that keeps you trapped since you can’t control outside circumstances.


  • LOVE is my true power.


  • Who am I when I realise there is nothing to defend?

9. Peacemaker Shadow: “I don’t deserve to have money.”

Unconscious Story: I am good and okay as long as those around me are good and okay. I earn worth by blending in with others and my environment. I must minimise my impact rather than claim my space.

You are easygoing and go with the flow. You can see everyone’s point of view and seek to create harmony for all. If things aren’t going smoothly though, you can close down, go within and possibly not attending to your life’s needs.

Unconsciously, you doubt your own worth and value. It’s easier for you to sell a physical product or someone else’s work than your own because you don’t want to ‘sing your praises.’ This lack of confidence can cost you in many ways.

My encouragement is to learn to embrace challenges and speak your truth with an open heart. Resource the peace of your Being rather than looking for peace in your current situation.


  • Peace is my nature and it’s present regardless of what is happening around me.


  • What is my nature as peace?

Which type resonates most with you? Hit the comments and let me know what comes up for you.

When we correct our mind and do the inner work, the rest will fall into place.

In full support of you,

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