5 Money Blocks to Bust Right Now

5 Money Blocks to Bust Right Now

Be grateful for your bills! 
Bills are a sign of a blessed life. 
Without them, you wouldn’t have a roof over your head or food in your fridge. 
Be grateful for the resources to pay those bills, 
not resentful that you have to pay them. 

Are you holding yourself back from receiving the abundance that’s really available to you?

Are you blocking your earning potential?

We all create stories in our minds about the money we think we’re worthy of making and what’s possible in our lives.

We live in a generous and abundant Universe, but our misunderstandings keep us in this perception of lack. Operating out of fear and limitation, it’s difficult to see all that’s available to us.

So today, I want to support you in releasing the outdated conditioning that has held you back from reaching your true earning potential.

In this video, I bust the top 5 money MYTHS that are preventing you from making more and living free, so you can question them and live beyond them. 👊🏼

Before you go looking for money to give you freedom, security, happiness — or whatever it is for you — ask yourself this:

Can I absolutely be sure that I don’t already have what I’m looking for?

When you connect with the freedom that’s already available, you open your mind to see new creative solutions and opportunities that weren’t visible when looking through a narrow, limited, and fearful lens.

Why? Because wealth is not a money thing — it’s a consciousness thing.

Ironically, as we connect with the freedom that’s already here, we still achieve our goals, but we do it more gracefully now because we move from a place of abundance.

And the clearer you are within yourself, the more powerfully you will show up to serve your clients. This is sacred work we are privileged to do and it’s much needed at this time.

May you wake up to the Abundance that is always here, beyond any belief…


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