2014 Reflections + Celebration

2014 Reflections + Celebration

I actually almost skipped doing this post altogether – new year, new energy, bright new intentions… plus, I’m not one for lofty new resolutions or any of that – they never work out. But in the spirit of unplugging and filling my well before welcoming the New Year, something in me needed to close this chapter of 2014.

Because I feel the word BIG looming for me in 2015.

2014. What a year! The biggest and most transformative 12 months of my life, without a doubt.

It stretched me. It captivated me. It nudged me in new directions closer to my dreams – dragging me heart-first over unexplored terrain. More often than not, 2014 absolutely astonished me – it cracked me wide open to possibility. Both the sacred and the simple. It was big.

After graduating as a Health Coach + Life Mentor, and launching my business (in a completely unorthodox way!), heart pounding, hands shaking, but with a huge, grateful smile on my face, EVERYTHING shifted. I launched my first ever website, my first ever blog, and am very soon to release my first mini eBook early next year (watch this space).

FYI: there’s also a rather delightful project (ok, maybe two ;)) simmering away behind the scenes, and it’s going to be an absolute winner! My lips are sealed for now (unfair, I know) but keep an eye out next year for all the juicy deets.

Holy wow. My dream was becoming a reality. Those high-hopes that poured onto the pages of journals, beaming off vision boards are now real.

While there is so much to be deeply humbled, fired up and ecstatic about, so many projects still looming ahead of me, so many dreams that have expanded and grown, it was the internal shifts that felt most potent.

Befriending fear. Leaning in, breathing in deep, choosing courage to walk through vulnerability a little more each day; saying yes. Saying no. Show me what you got, LIFE. Trusting the evolution of my life; showing up with transparency in my work a little more each day (which is super hard for me, being a private person).

Detaching. From the way things should be, from outcomes, from past conditioning and my own expectations. I have no qualms in saying that I worked my booty off in 2014 toward the big things in what seems like very slow tortoise moves. And it may not be anywhere near what I wanted to reach, nor how I wanted to do it, but I immersed.

On the completely opposite side of that, I learned to take my foot off the peddle and become cool with doing pretty much nothing (those of you who know me, know this is next to impossible with the fire in my belly that is so my nature – thanks Dad!).

But after much to-ing and fro-ing, surrender, detachment, acceptance and bringing awareness to the ebb and flow of life’s rhythms – 2014 is just about closed.

Gratitude and Celebration. Big time. I don’t care about goals. I don’t care about ticking off my to-do’s. Gratitude and Celebration for everything that has been.

Everything that wasn’t.

Everything that IS.

And for everything that is to come.

Lighting the way, all the way.


Sunset in Bali Feb ’14

2014, you truly were golden.

So, from the high perch of an encroaching New Year, I look back at the year that’s passed and marvel at its beauty. A year of rapid-fire growth and deep, deep love. A learning curve.

I would like to thank you all – hand on my heart – for your support over the five months Happiness Lifestyle has been birthed. You who take the time to stop in for a read every day; the ones that tweet/comment on facebook/send excited emails that make me feel like it’s all worthwhile; you who have been super supportive behind the scenes, lifting me up, reminding me of my purpose.

You who share something I’ve created and drop a line or two in the comments to make this more a conversation between friends than a monologue.

You’re helping me grow and challenge myself as this journey unfolds before me. I’m so so grateful for your presence.

And now, it’s all about 2015. This year feels incredibly rich, potent, large. Like it’s going to shake us up in the best of ways. This year feels BIG with a capital B. I feel the current so strongly. And I’ll be riding that wave into this coming New Year with:


Take 2015 to new heights with me by sharing your own dreams, all in the name of health. It takes a willingness to truly open your heart to your purpose.

I want you to live each day with vitality, clarity and NEXT-LEVEL confidence. How? It all starts with YOU, my beautiful friends.

Let loose and go for it!

Wishing you all the most magical Christmas and New Years with your loved ones and here’s to a BIG and beautiful 2015.

Big love and hugs,

xo, rosie 135x25

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