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Calling all Conscious Rising Entrepreneurs + Leaders
This is your call to Rise + Thrive!

To create the income and impact you know you’re capable of
and claim the life your heart desires + deserves.

To come back to the truth of who you really are, so you can light the world on FIRE
and skyrocket your Success + Abundance.

To put F L O W back into your business so you can stay well,
flourish in your zone of genius + call in your soulmate clients.

We are being called into new ways of leadership…

  • No more looking outside ourselves for the answers
  • No more playing small or hiding in the shadows
  • No more waiting to be ‘ready’
  • No more worry, anxiety or self doubt
  • No more holding yourself back!
  • It’s your time to stand within your own authority, share your gifts with the world + step into 6-figs and greater abundance.
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Soulful Success Accelerator

Create the impact and income you want.

SOULFUL SUCCESS ACCELERATOR is a 4 month intensive group program for the business owner, coach, healer, therapist or rising leader who is ready to upgrade their business model, attract more dream clients and make money with ease.

What Others Are Saying

  • If you’re in Soulful Business, then Rosie’s Soulful Success Accelerator is what you need. Period. The woman that I entered into that container as is not the same woman I am today. I am an evolved, wide-open, embodied version of myself. On all levels. And Rosie’s approach is what made all the difference. I knew, before I committed to the program, that I needed to get out of my own way. That something was holding me back that I couldn’t quite put my finger one. But over our 4 months together, everything shifted. Massively! And now I am full of gratitude and peace within myself. I have found my voice, speak my truth and stand in my Sovereignty. And that unlocked energy is how I move forward with my business. If you’re on the fence – jump. Quickly. This program is your next step.

    JENNI TURNER | Empowerment & Breathwork Coach + Transformation Facilitator
  • After going through 2 programs of Rosie, I feel I have let go of so much shit and I am more confident now to be more myself. I love all parts of me. I recognize my shadows and what I need to keep working on. But in this very moment, I know I am already worthy and whole and loved and enough. This translates to extraordinary breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. I have broken through major money blocks and letting it all be easy! I am so grateful to Rosie. She is the real thing. She is one a kind!  I love you Rosie! You are amazing!

    NESS REDUBLA | Intuitive Self Love Coach
  • Rosie’s Business Accelerator has helped me to stand in my power and find my unique voice in my business. It has helped me acknowledge that everything I need is already within me. I am closer to my goals now more than ever. It is truly life changing for me personally and professionally! So much more aligned clients and money has been flooding in as a result! Thank you Rosie! Keep continuing to shine your radiance!!

    YAN ALONZO | Online Digital Marketer
  • Rosie’s business accelerator has helped me actually get clients through the door. I’ve been stuck in a cycle of planning but Rosie’s accelerator put a stop to all my busy work and got me streamlining to success. I have clients and have all the tools I need to excel my business this year. I’m thrilled and excited. Rosie cuts through all the bullshit and actually addresses blocks for people at the core of their being, then she focuses on deep rewiring and once this has taken place, the practical application begins, it is just phenomenal the results this approach has set into motion. I cannot recommend Rosie enough!

    JANEY SHOUFANY | Sexual Empowerment Coach
  • After attending the Rise Up conference and meeting Rosie, I knew she would be the one to help me bring a new business idea to life. Before, I struggled with having the confidence and conviction to follow through on my strategies and plans, I didn’t realise that I was holding myself back from success and happiness by subconsciously sabotaging myself and keeping myself small. The mix of practical business planning and deep healing to bring out all the beliefs and stories I’d been hanging on to that I no longer needed, showed me how much more I could achieve if I let go of them.

    The results of working through, processing and integrating years of beliefs and stories were almost INSTANT – from better quality clients to higher and more consistent income. And in such a rapid space of time!

    Beyond all the incredible results in my business, I have to say the most valuable outcome for me was learning to love and trust myself again so I know these changes will be permanent and I’ll be able to continue to grow my business and my income exponentially.


    Suki van Koeverden | Marketing Maverick & Competition Strategist
  • Rosie is a Queen of empowerment and transformation!  Before I met Rosie I was floundering along in life wondering why I kept recreating the same old situations in life that left me feeling frustrated and not where I wanted to be.

    I attended a workshop with Rosie and was drawn to work with her 1:1. I was 100% ready to commit to some serious transformation and that is what we did!

    We took a deep dive back to outdated beliefs and behaviours that were no longer serving me. Rosie held the space for me and guided me to alchemise my life experiences into something I felt proud of and ready to share with the world.

    Rosie helped me to get really clear on my strengths and skills, and what I have to offer, and put that into a business plan that feels completely aligned for me. I now feel 100% confident and comfortable in offering myself up to the world to be of service.

    Working with Rosie has been life changing and I am so pleased and grateful I have had this opportunity.

    FIONA MACLEAN | Online Business Mentor, Content Creation and Executive Coach
  • I came to Rosie to help upgrade my business; I have been wanting to step into my greatness and shine my light. I wanted to bring my work and experience from the last 18 years together working with groups. I wanted to step up professionally in structure, outlook and income.  People have been asking me to do this for years and I have been feeling a longing to shine my light more, but had feelings of overwhelm, not knowing where to begin and having no oversight in how to do this. Rosie gave me ALL of that and so much more.  I worked through so many of my blocks and finally created real structure and systems that I needed to scale in my business growth. Being visible and seen was huge for me and working through these core wounds had me able to show up on social media and promote my new way of working. Within a week of doing so, I completely booked out both my masterclass AND my group program when I launched!  But it went BEYOND that. Being a leader meant having a TEAM behind me to help in this next level of my growth and Rosie helped me delegate my work to the best people I could have ever wished for!  I could have never done this alone and I have felt incredibly supported and held by Rosie through the whole process.  She really was there 200% and always had my back. Within 4 months, my work has completely shifted! I am busier than ever, I have already started with my first sold out group program in my 6-week Inner Power Activator program (which I plan to do a few times a year), I’ve started several 4 to 8 week coaching trajectories with clients and my finances have increased significantly!! I couldn’t believe the numbers when I did them!!  I never thought it was possible to go to such significant levels without burning out – turns out I have tripled my 5-fig months with ease!”

    KAT SCHUTTE | Leading International Transformational Coach, Advanced RTT & Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • Rosie, I can’t thank you enough for the life changing journey you have taken me through over our 10 sessions. I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was that I was burning out and sick of my corporate full time job – I wanted more!

    Rosie uncovered deep emotional roadblocks that had been sabotaging me my whole life and helped me make peace with my past.  This journey has been incredible, more than incredible, it has reshaped my whole life. I am no longer afraid to be seen and I am no longer ashamed of my past. Instead I have embraced it and turned my unique life experience into my own business where I am helping women overcome Eating Disorders and Body image issues. I have finally found my purpose and in a line of work that gives me true meaning in my life.  Rosie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you have to me and I can’t wait to do your new leadership program in September!

    MICHELLE SOUTHERN | Body Image & Conscious Eating Coach, Qld
  • There are very little words to explain how much Rosie has impacted my life. I came from a place of loss, I lost my business, i lost myself and i didnt know where i was going in life. After the rise and thrive program i am living the real me and embracing every aspect of life! It feels amazing to know who i am again and what my soul purpose is on this world. I am forever grateful for this program and say if you’re on the fence about working with Rosie……..DO IT! I promise you wont regret it.

  • Working with Rosie has been fantastic. She is a great model and champion for living and serving from your light. She is incredibly generous and supportive as a coach and brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge to the table. I was unsure going into a group intensive program was right for me, and if I get good results compared to 1:1 coaching – but the benefit and support of a group environment was fantastic. Not only have I had personal shifts from this and learnt new tools to continue to use for my growth, but I also learnt great strategies and ways of working for myself as a coach too.

    SHEREEN LISTER | Burnout & Anxiety Coach
  • Words can not express the deep gratitude I have for all that you gave to us during Rise & Thrive. From one therapist to another I could see how much, love, energy and wisdom you poured into us and you continue to do so.  The unconditional love and faith you wrapped energetically in our sacred ZOOM space each Saturday was so beautiful and healing. We have walked away FREE of the pain of our story ruling our everyday life, infused with courage to confidence to shine our beautiful lights, feeling enough and safe to be ME. Thank-you my darling from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the courage within to truly LEAP and Serve The World By Being Me!

    AMY LITTLE | Integrative Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Coach and Transformational Yoga Facilitator
  • This program works. Rosie is amazing she is there 120 per cent. I felt so supported and help was available after the sessions if I needed it.

  • Rise + Thrive gave me the keys to unlock the doors to myself and shine a big bright light inwards, repairing the damage done since childhood, and then gave me the tools to grow wings and fly! I was nervous at first about being in a group dynamic, but I quickly realised how perfect and valuable it was to have my fellow sisters there with me. This is such a valuable life changing program that I highly recommend from the heart.

  • I found Rise + Thrive was the best thing I have done for myself!! So many insights into the world and myself was revealed. I’ve grown so much as a person, I actually feel like I’ve come back to the original me!!!! Rosie was so supportive and always available if needed. Being in a group setting was brilliant to learn and share with others. Highly recommended, if you are thinking about doing it, just do it – there are POWERFUL tools that you will use for life. You won’t regret it!

  • When I started with Rosie, I was broken. A 10-year relationship ended, working hard physically for my age and concerns about my financial future and could not see a light at the end of the tunnel. Amongst all that adversity and some more that came up during the course, I now have drive, hope, plans and a faith like never before. I am UNSTUCK and a person ANEW, it’s hard to even put what this program and sisterhood has truly done for me. I am now much lighter and grateful for Rosie beyond words.

    STELLA JANOURIS | Australia
  • Rise + Thrive was amazing! The sisterhood that came from it is so special. I have never felt so held and heard before in my life. I was able to share some deep hurts and step into healing in a completely new way. The entire shame cloak came off. When I first came into the program, I told Rosie that I thought I could NEVER be healed. I had tried everything and didn’t think someone so “broken” like me could! I honestly didn’t think I was capable of healing, I felt completely broken and now I AM. WOW! I now have so much more awareness of why I do things and how to grow from that. I can’t describe what Rosie has done for me and my life. Thank you Rosie

    KYLIE SECCOMBES | Australia
  • Wow! What a HUGE shift for me! Working with Rosie transformed my life and business!  Releasing blocks, releasing old wounds and overcoming fears moved me forward in more ways than I can express!  I have gone from feeling not good enough, sick in the tummy and feeling like crap to…filling my workshops (to a full house), collaborating with two different business women, levelling up my entire business model and creating my signature program that I’m about to launch to a group of amazing women, knowing what I need to do next to move forward and having full confidence again!  Thank you so much Rosie, you are genuine and professional in all you do! I would highly recommend Rosie!

    TASH LONGDEN BROWN | Australia
  • I just had the biggest feeling of gratitude come over me, euphoric. My shifts are HUGE! I have so much love for my business! I mean I always have but now it’s unconditional. No doubt! No yuckiness! Just complete love for what i do! And how I can serve MY people. I am so excited and my fear has almost completely gone! Yes, you read that right! The fear has lifted!! Love really is the answer… I would like to thank you! All of you! You are all such amazing women! And thank you Rosie for being you!

  • Rise + Thrive has helped me work though many areas in my life with love and support from likeminded individuals such as Rosie. I really enjoyed the ‘community feel’ of the program’s weekly sessions. I’d love to do it all again in the future and would certainly recommend the program and working with Rosie.

    AMY LAMBERT | Australia
  • I would highly recommend Rise & Thrive.  Rosie was incredibly supportive and not once did I feel like I was judged which is very important to me. You could feel that her own experiences in life have enabled her to understand our journey. I enjoyed the fact that there were other women to share the journey with.

    VANESSA JENNISON | Australia
  • After going through these huge weeks, my entire thought processes have changed and I feel better in myself – stronger and happier and able face the difficult problems with more ease. Most of all not worrying about what other people think. I have found the strength and the courage as a result! This really does transform you for the better! For those that struggle with uncertainties, I highly recommend Rosie and Rise + Thrive! I met so many wonderful people and doing this in a group is soooooooo reassuring where I got so much support and guidance.

  • Thank you, Rosie, for your brilliant guidance and encouraging us to develop new ways of looking at the same life. I find I’m singing while I work these days, I take time out, I enjoy the company of friends (I actually book things in with friends). I’m enjoying my life, I’m more rested, I can understand and forgive parts of my past which have haunted me and I’m more forgiving of others.

  • Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! OMG so much is happening for me right now! I have reflected and I have deep dived and I know what I wanted all along. My shoulder that has been in so much pain for weeks released and my stomach pains have disappeared. I feel empowered and that I can face off with so much in order to continue healing and growing to my fullest capacity. My gosh! It feels so freeing!

    MELISSA FINDLAY | Australia
  • I did Rosie’s Rise + Thrive 10week program and I have to say she is perfect in every way! I wasn’t sure whether this course was it for me as I had already done so much work already. I am so grateful that I did!! I have been working hard on myself for such a long time and doing this program helped me to grow in all those areas!! I was struggling in areas around money and my relationship. After working with Rosie in Rise + Thrive, my partner and I are finally GROWING TOGETHER and my entire money mindset has shifted.

  • It has been a pure joy to have Rosie as my coach. She has gently guided me through the dark parts of my life that have been contributing to holding me back and keeping me small. She identified “my story” that had been playing in my life and was not serving me. Rosie helped me identify unresourceful beliefs that had been keeping me stuck and any tears that came were healing tears.

    Rosie created a safe and fun space to explore my deepest fears and vulnerabilities. With support, encouragement and just the right amount of push she made it possible to achieve the goals for my life. With her intuition she knew how far to stretch me but no so far that I was overwhelmed and discouraged. She believed in me on those occasions I didn’t believe in me.

    I looked forward to our sessions where I could get support, encouragement, advice and guidance on any subject that I presented with. I would highly recommend Rosie to coach you to the next level.

    KERRI SPEYERS | Life Empowerment Coach, Australia
  • Working with Rosie has brought profoundly deep insights and positive transformation into my life. As a Transformational Coach and mentor, Rosie has a grounded and measurable system with the Enhances Awareness Program that can track your development. I have been with Rosie for 12 months: in that time I have had chronic psoriasis disappear, let go of toxic relationships, come out of anxiety and depression. I have changed careers, moved interstate and am starting to live my dream.

    There were times when it was tough, it takes courage and a desire to change what isn’t working for you- to move forward. However, I would not have been able to take the risk of Rosie didn’t have my back 110%. Rosie uses her intuition, intelligence, energy and knowledge to guide you being completely present in each session. Rosie went over and above to be there for me when I needed to process complex emotions. The aim is to find happiness in empowerment. I am going to keep working with Rosie as I embark on this next exciting step in my life.

    GENEVIEVE MESSENGER | Intuitive, Celebrant, Senior manager
  • Quite simply working with Rosie has changed my LIFE in so many wonderful ways! Before I started our sessions, I really didn’t think I needed extra support. However, from my very first session I walked away with a sense of being totally held by Rosie. I have never felt so ultimately supported, loved and most of all safe. Safe to be exactly who I was meant to be when I came into this world, a soul full of wonder, joy and unconditional love. Her support never wavered, always present and grounded and always that guiding light forward.

    Rosie has supported me to grow my business, grow my self-esteem and self love. I feel like I can stand strong and tall in the world and be proud of who I am and the life I am creating. I am and will be forever grateful of our work together, from all the laughs and tears and joyful sessions, it simply has been one of the best times in my life to date!

    MELINA DEMERTZIS | Virtual Assistant + Yoga Teacher, Sunshine Coast Qld
  • When I started working with Rosie, my life was in crisis in every element. I felt trapped, overwhelmed and didn’t know how to shift my thinking, or my out of control emotional spiral into despair. I had every stress factor you could have imagined, my business was in crisis, my Mother was coming through Cancer surgery and my adult Son was relapsed back into drug addiction, and I was felling like life was over.

    Rosie was just incredible in helping me get to core issues/stories to be able to start to unravel the mess. She was with me 100% of the way and still is. The tools Rosie provides are so amazing and easy to keep in your daily practice. To be able to reach out when your stuck was so incredibly valuable and Rosie is always responsive. You know you matter and your personal journey is a priority with Rosie in your life.

    Today I am a very different woman and have such a balanced perspective on what’s important in this life. My commitment to my own self care and wellbeing is at a level never before experienced. I feel deep love, joy and a greater purpose in my life and it’s all because I did the WORK, thanks to Rosie who never let me give up on me.

    DONNA MOULDS | Speaker, Mentor & Trainer, ACT Australia
  • I loved my sessions with Rosie. When my friends suggested that I should see Rosie to support me with some life issues I was reluctant. I had done lots of work on myself and didn’t think I needed to do any more healing with another person, I thought I was doing OK by myself. But working with Rosie was DIFFERENT. She guided me on a journey of unravelling and discovering ‘my story’ which had been hidden from me.

    With this new found awareness of what had been unconsciously leading my life I have found a way to simply be me, uncovering the empowered me that has always been there, just covered in layers of my story. I recommend Rosie as a gifted mentor and coach a great support to anyone she works with on their life journey.

    ANA LEIGH | Community Hub Co-ordinator, Queensland Australia
  • Words can’t fully describe what Rosie means to me.. she has been one of the biggest influences in my life and there’s no doubt that what I’ve learnt with her has provided me with the most wonderful foundation to live the rest of my life. I’m a young client of Rosie’s, and I found her at a very challenging time. Rosie has guided me through so much and has an undeniable gift in understanding how we function as humans. Rosie has become a rock in my life; having the knowledge of what she has taught me comforts me in knowing that I can get through any of life’s challenges, but more importantly know that this life I’m embarking is going to be nothing short of perfect. I’m so grateful for you Rosie!!

    EMMA FOWLES | Sculptor, Graduate, Melbourne Australia
  • 8 months ago, in the depths of crippling post natal depression I listened to an intuitive nudge (and a recommendation from a dear friend) and decided to commit to 6 months of coaching with Rosie. There are not enough words to describe the gratitude I have for this woman.

    Rosie sat with me through some very dark moments, saw the light in me and helped me to re-discover that light within myself and my business again.

    She has guided me through breakdown and self-doubt – into a space of grace, joy and powerful self-worth and self-belief. I am totally amazed by her skills as a Coach + Mentor and her intuitive abilities to understand her clients and hold the space for the highest expression of their soul.

    She embodies an infectious energy that lights me up after every session and leaves me feeling inspired to do my very best. Thank you for being such a beacon of light Rosie. You are such an incredible woman and I am so thrilled to continue on this journey with you.

    TARSH ASHWIN | Transformational Coach, Kinesiologist + Therapist, Canberra Australia
  • I am so glad that I decided to sign up for Rosie’s coaching program. Even though I had done a lot of healing work and personal development already, she was just the boost that I needed to truly move forward.
    During our sessions together, she helped me identify mental blockages that were holding me back, heal my past trauma, bring clarity to who I am and most of all – Bless me with a whole new level of belief in myself and my purpose! I can not recommend her enough to anyone that is ready to step into who they truly are. 
    JOHANNA LEAN | Life Coach, Queensland Australia
  • What can I say… Rosie changed my life!! My worries and anxiety have gone, my business is not only going (finally!) but has sky rocketed, I feel so much confidence owning my impact while also achieving balance in my life. It’s been a truly transformative experience. Every time we reflect, I realise how much I moved forward. I highly recommend Rosie!!

    GREET RECOULES | Brand Strategist, Queensland Australia
  • Rosie is seriously one of the greatest humans of all time. She is the most genuine, loving, giving, kind, powerful, fun creature I have ever met. I seriously mean every single word I say.

    I have been working with Rosie for about 7 months now and I can’t even begin to describe how much transformation and shifts I have had every single week since I started. We are on the EAP (Enhances Awareness program) where she has helped me be AWARE of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state as well as my “story”. I found it so liberating and helpful when I finally realised what was actually driving my whole life. Now I understand that I have a different alternative loving CHOICE that can serve me so much better in my life. Not to mention the incredible UNIQUE strategies to ensure long-lasting change and maintenance. Incredible!!!

    I LOVE my sessions with her!!  She is ALWAYS there whenever you need her and finding the best solutions even when you think that no one can help you. I would not be the human that I am today with out Rosie’s presence in my life. Thank you for your unconditional love and support, Rosie!


    EIRINI KOUTOUZI | Executive Chef, Victoria Australia
  • One of the major shifts I’ve experienced through working with Rosie is awareness around my programming and cultivating kinder ways of being with myself through this awareness. The work I’ve been doing with Rosie has changed my life, I am frequently in a state of free flow and abundance as oppose to grief, guilt, shame and unworthiness which was home for me. I now have the confidence to press on to the achievement and press on to serve through my purpose.

    My work with Rosie has lead to career progression and business progression I would of NEVER had the worth and confidence to tackle before. In the short time I’ve worked with Rosie I’ve made substantial leaps personally and professionally. Rosie you are amazing xxx

    JANEY SHOUFANY | Operations Administrator, Business Owner
  • I did this with Rosie and I was so impressed I signed up for a year mentoring her! She has helped me get back on track with my life and shake off old beliefs that held me back – and four of my friends have signed up with her – because she is the best mentor/intuitive therapist/coach I’ve met. I thoroughly recommend Rosie. if life is running you and you’ve lost your Self in all the pressures put on you – get to the bottom of it and shift it!

    JULIA PEDDIE | Art Therapist, Graphic Designer
  • Thank you for guiding me through the toughest times I have had mentally to get me through it all and shining at the other end. I don’t know how to say thank you to someone that is literally changing my life.

    JADE BROOKS | Compliance Manager, Victoria Australia
  • Where do I even begin to tell you the amount of huge shifts and changes for the better, I have had seeing Rosie?! Her work is revolutionary stuff! This is truly the beginning of a whole new era for me. Free from old patterns that were holding me back. Creating a more balanced life. Getting along with others so much better. Looking in the mirror and seeing a radiantly happy woman smiling right back! I am so much more present to life, aware of when ‘my story’ is running the show… more accepting, no more waves of anxiety… and even my digestion has changed! Thank you Rosie, I am forever grateful. Do yourself a favour and see Rosie… you deserve it!!

    KERRY PENGELLY | Queensland Australia
  • I feel really powerful again thanks to our wonderful sessions! Really relieved and so much more energetic. Thank you so much, Rosie. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

    LOUISE VAN GEND | Netherlands, Holland
  • I experience such powerful sessions with you – so profound and helpful. I’ve been to many healers and therapists and you are amazing with getting to the heart of an issue. Thank you Rosie.

    GENEVIEVE MESSENGER | Intuitive, Performer, Writer
  • Working with Rosie has greatly increased my level of self-awareness and helped me incredibly in so many ways. As a result, I now have new ways of doing things and have cultivated powerful strategies and methods for managing the craziness of life. I’ve seen huge shifts already and new patterns of thinking. From being okay to saying “no”, to feeling fine about taking ‘time out’, a new part of me is starting to show itself. I’m loving the transformation!! Thank-you Rosie for your loving, compassionate attitude and practical, hands-on approach.

    AMY LAMBERT | Quality and Compliance Lead, Victoria Australia
  • Rosie has been my mentor for the better part of 2 years now. She has an amazing ability to be so present to our sessions and has helped me to connect back to my truth, my purpose and my powerful peaceful warrior. I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone who is looking to come home to themselves. She is all love, pure heart and I would not be anywhere I am today without her guidance. I’m so grateful to have you as my mentor, Rosie! Thank you!!

    JIM HODGETTS | Queensland, Australia
  • My inner life has changed forever since meeting the exceptional Rosie. The personal transformation she carefully guided me through has been the missing piece in my quest to heal. I am forever grateful.

    JULIA PEDDIE | Queensland Australia
  • Rosie is a glistening beacon of love. With only the slightest touch or softest word she leaves you feeling warm, cared for, nurtured, like you can do anything you want to do. I am blessed to call her a friend, a soul sister, and a partner in crime in leaving this world better than when we came here. I suggest you do everything in your power to get any piece of Rosie you can.

    JAMES LONERGAN | Business Owner, Lord Howe Island
  • It’s hard to put into words the impact my sessions with Rosie have had in my life! We have addressed everything that matters to me; work, love life and my lack of motivation or action to get on with my fitness routine. Not only is she the best listener, she has the power to give me clarity, to ask the right questions that are still lingering days after our sessions and above all, I walk away with permission to be myself and show up in the world as ALL OF ME.

    She is a warm and loving person, who gave me a supportive, non-judgmental space to make my dreams a reality. With Rosie by my side, I have the motivation to take up on things I’ve been slacking on and the light to find my own strength.

    PAULINE LEUNG | Business Professional, Coach, Yoga Instructor, New York City
  • “I felt very connected chatting to you, thank you so much for giving me the space. No-one has helped me get that clarity and motivation for change in the same way, so thank you for listening to me so carefully! After our session together, I felt really energised and grabbed my hubby and went off for a late lunch and we had such a lovely afternoon together. Thank you for being a catalyst in helping me get some clarity around everything; it’s no longer a concern! You rock!!”

  • Rosie is a kind, compassionate coach that has coaxed me out of my rut to a place where I am feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on the world! Her unique approach helped me get to the root of what was really blocking me from taking action and getting motivated towards my desires. Through her support and guidance, I am a different woman than I was a year ago.

    Working with Rosie, I got unstuck, I got clear and got the tools to start making changes. She helped me really tune into what I needed and how I could feel full and happy with foods that are readily available to me. I am so grateful and recommend working with her if you know that it’s time for a change in your health without radical, crazy dieting. Thank you Rosie!

    NATASHA BEKKER | Plano, Texas
  • I am so glad I took that leap and started to work with Rosie! She is an absolute inspiration who has made such a difference to my life! Now I can’t imagine stopping… everyone needs a mentor and coach! Her honest, no b.s. approach to mentoring has been powerful, inspiring and ultimately, life-changing.

    I was forever seeking the next quick fix, the next big thing… and Rosie brought me back to my truth and showed me how to trust myself, to believe in myself to create a life I can be truly proud of. She helped me release blocks that were in my way, create space for my bigger dreams and goals to start coming into my life, embrace and listen to my body, release expectations of myself to name just a FEW.

    Never have I been so present in my life and am feeling absolutely free right now – in my time, my thinking, my spirit. I feel confident that I can do absolutely anything and am kicking along in a life I love, not a life I think I should love. I cannot thank you enough Rosie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    ANNA MUNCAN | Melbourne, Australia
  • What can I say…? My life has been transformed on so many levels. During some very challenging times and a tough transition, Rosie guided me through to the other side, with clarity and ease. The result: great health – not only on a physical, but on an emotional level as well. It has been, quite simply, life changing for me. Rosie has challenged me to step up and live the life of my dreams and I feel extremely blessed to have met this gorgeous woman!

    FRANCINE COOMBES | Queensland, Australia

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