Rosie is a glistening beacon of love. With only the slightest touch or softest word she leaves you feeling warm, cared for, nurtured, like you can do anything you want to do. I am blessed to call her a friend, a soul sister, and a partner in crime in leaving this world better than when we came here. I suggest you do everything in your power to get any piece of Rosie you can.

‘JAMES LONERGAN | www.jameslonergan.com.au

It’s hard to put into words the impact my sessions with Rosie have had in my life! We have addressed everything that matters to me; work, love life and my lack of motivation or action to get on with my fitness routine. Not only is she the best listener, she has the power to give me clarity, to ask the right questions that are still lingering days after our sessions and above all, I walk away with permission to be myself and show up in the world as ALL OF ME.

She is a warm and loving person, who gave me a supportive, non-judgmental space to make my dreams a reality. With Rosie by my side, I have the motivation to take up on things I’ve been slacking on and the light to find my own strength.


The biggest change I’ve noticed since working with Rosie is my sense of worthiness. With all her knowledge and soft guidance, I have allowed myself to let go of so much unwanted garbage from my life. Having suffered on and off with depression, I have not seen it rear its ugly head since Rosie brought awareness to the whole picture.

I have gone from body battles to back to basics. I have eliminated grain and sugar (the culprits causing my inflammation) and have lost 8 kgs! I have more energy, mental clarity and spirit to do the things I love. I no longer sweat the small stuff and am far less worried about my health. I love life and life loves me. Thanks so much Rosie for your unconditional love and support.

HALEY PATTERSON | Queensland, Australia

I feel like words aren’t enough to describe how lucky I am to not only know Rosie on a professional level, but also to call her my friend.

From the very first moment we “met”, her beautiful love and energy beamed through and I couldn’t help but feel inspired and elevated. The passion Rosie has for health, wellness and living a happy fulfilling life is so contagious. It’s not just a concept she shares; it’s what she LIVES; it’s who she is.

One thing that really stands out is Rosie’s highly intuitive qualities. She leads completely from the heart and is open, genuine and very caring in her approach – a beautiful, potent combo. I would recommend working with Rosie to anyone looking to improve their life!

DEANNE KALDA | www.maaorganics.com.au

“I felt very connected chatting to you, thank you so much for giving me the space. No-one has helped me get that clarity and motivation for change in the same way, so thank you for listening to me so carefully! After our session together, I felt really energised and grabbed my hubby and went off for a late lunch and we had such a lovely afternoon together. Thank you for being a catalyst in helping me get some clarity around everything; it’s no longer a concern! You rock!!”


Rosie is a kind, compassionate coach that has coaxed me out of my rut to a place where I am feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on the world! Her unique approach helped me get to the root of what was really blocking me from taking action and getting motivated towards my desires. Through her support and guidance, I am a different woman than I was a year ago.

Working with Rosie, I got unstuck, I got clear and got the tools to start making changes. She helped me really tune into what I needed and how I could feel full and happy with foods that are readily available to me. I am so grateful and recommend working with her if you know that it’s time for a change in your health without radical, crazy dieting. Thank you Rosie!


I am so glad I took that leap and started to work with Rosie! She is an absolute inspiration who has made such a difference to my life! Now I can’t imagine stopping… everyone needs a mentor and coach! Her honest, no b.s. approach to mentoring has been powerful, inspiring and ultimately, life-changing.

I was forever seeking the next quick fix, the next big thing… and Rosie brought me back to my truth and showed me how to trust myself, to believe in myself to create a life I can be truly proud of. She helped me release blocks that were in my way, create space for my bigger dreams and goals to start coming into my life, embrace and listen to my body, release expectations of myself to name just a FEW.

Never have I been so present in my life and am feeling absolutely free right now – in my time, my thinking, my spirit. I feel confident that I can do absolutely anything and am kicking along in a life I love, not a life I think I should love. I cannot thank you enough Rosie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

ANNA MUNCAN | Melbourne, Australia

What can I say…? My life has been transformed on so many levels. During some very challenging times and a tough transition, Rosie guided me through to the other side, with clarity and ease. The result: great health – not only on a physical, but on an emotional level as well. It has been, quite simply, life changing for me. Rosie has challenged me to step up and live the life of my dreams and I feel extremely blessed to have met this gorgeous woman!

FRANCINE COOMBES | Queensland, Australia