A list of the latest things, products and people that have rocked my world. Check back here for the (ever-evolving) collection that have inspired, informed and empowered my life.

Free Stuff for you

Rosie-eBook-square-image-promoThe 7 day Green Smoothie & Soul Spark Challenge

Blend your greens, ignite your spark and live like you mean it.
Click the link, join the tribe and rock your day like nobody’s biz. A gift from my heart to yours.



iin bookFeed your Hunger: Nutrition Book Excerpt

Download the first two digital chapters of Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health & Happiness and find out:
• Why one person’s food is another person’s poison;
• How to tune into your body and listen to its messages;
• Which foods energize you and which foods drain you.



Life Changing Creations

Some of these hand-selected programs & products are affiliated with absolute love, respect and recommendation. I would never recommend anything I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in.


Powerful guided meditations to support you on your path for balancing, stress relief, finding your centre, coming home – give it a go. One of my favourites. Get it in your ear drums asap. Om.





Every time I finish one of these meditations (created by my beautiful friend Melissa) I’m left wondering why I don’t do it every day. Spaciousness in the mind. Heart connection. Lightness. Designed to inspire you to live a life pumped with passion + purpose.




When you know the right way to eat, radiant wellness stops being a distant pipe-dream and becomes your actual day-to-day reality. My beautiful friend & mentor, Melissa’s latest cook book “The Glow Kitchen” will show you how to do it. Ditch the guilt, cravings and binges, get seriously luminous skin, reset your hormones and feel better than ever in your body. Get in on it.




Holy mother of desires. THIS is a total game-changer. Your goals will never be the same again once you’ve read Danielle LaPorte’s wisdom on ‘goals with soul’ and living from a place of desire. A must-have.





Products I support, with love

I love them. I can’t get enough. And when I stumble on a winner, nothing makes me happier than sharing the love. Here are just a few absolute must-haves that will have your life work infinitely better, I promise.

 the-power-of-now        the-alchemist  you can heal your life book

On Real Food, Cooking + Eating
These cookbooks have centre place in my kitchen with recipes that are outrageously healthy, often grain + dairy free, always real, always seasonal, nothing refined – just delicious and joyful – and always to be shared.

Gluten-Free-Grain-Free-Cook-Book-400x312      9781742613895 i-quit-sugar

For Transformational Docos
Documentaries are so powerful because they offer us easy-to-absorb information that really inspire to transform. Click to watch these inspirational films!

hungryforchange1 fat-sick-and-nearly-dead1 crazy sexy cancer food-matters1finding joe 3


Ménière’s Resources

Newly diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease? You may feel overwhelmed and not know how to manage. Being informed helps. One of the concerns when first diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease is the lack of readily available information. Click here to order your free information pack.










The Meniere’s Resource and Information Centre provides useful information and have an extensive collection on topics relevant to Ménière’s.

The Tinnitus Association has great information on coming to terms with the experience of tinnitus.

Dr Trevor Beard’s site promotes the ‘Salt Skip Program’ – an effective strategy to improving diet, health and wellbeing by reducing salt intake. It includes sections on food labelling + you can download the latest list of low salt products available.








Saltmatters – low salt diet issues is an excellent site for the low salt food shopper with photos of low salt and reduced salt products in Australia – a help when searching in the supermarket. Includes great tips for keeping dietary salt levels down.

The symptoms of Ménière’s Disease can be controlled with dietary changes. Being on a low salt diet means choosing foods which are low in sodium (sodium content not exceeding 120mg/100g). Click here to shop for salt skip products and resources that will help in your quest to lead a low salt diet.