Autopilot is great for long-distance flights,
but being ‘hands-off’ in your own life? Mayday!

You’re feeling stuck, stagnant and letting the best pass you by. You’re constantly on watch but not actively in control.

And you’ve tried EVERYTHING to break the stuck: The latest fad diet, toxic relationships,
a job that pays the bills – each one sucking from you what little life is left.

Sure, the weekends give you a bit of an escape, but come Monday you find yourself waking
with that same knot in your stomach, dreading the week ahead. AGAIN.

You’ve had enough.
And someone who decides enough is enough – and that they are enough – is UNSTOPPABLE.
I believe you can be that someone.

Hey there I'm Rosie

The monster under the bed that is your life has a name: Fear.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement, fear of the future, fear of the unknown.

Look beyond the fear; I’m right here. I’ve got you.

I’m a certified holistic health and wellness coach, dedicated to transformations from the inside out.

I work with passion filled women (and courageous men) just like you who feel totally frustrated with where they’re at.

Not so long ago I wasn’t just stuck in a rut, I was in a ravine of illness and despair.

I was lost beyond the breakers, struggling to keep my head above as the endless swell of life pushed over me.

Two incurable diseases saved me.

I was ready to give up. Ready to let the anxiety and diagnosis win.

But by digging deeper than I ever had before, I did a 180 on sick and opened myself to this new life.

Today, I quite literally live in happiness.

I’ve been to the deep end of fear and uncertainty and emerged stronger than ever before. I’ve discovered the power of food as medicine, that your inner thoughts affect your outer everything, and I fiercely believe when you lead with generosity and show up from the heart, life looks after you.

I'm here to help you to the starting line of change

My courses, cleanses, mentoring and missives aren’t designed to be a quick fix.

What you will get from our time together is a blueprint to promote you to CEO of your own happiness.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s start your journey together


That life you’ve always dreamed of?
You deserve all of it.
And I’m here to help you make it happen.

I’m so glad you’re here.






I know we’ve only just met, but you look so familiar.

I recognise that stress and fear frozen across your brow.
The longing for a better life, the frustration, the confusion, the stuck.

I’ve been there; and I want to show you there is another way.

I’m Rosie Chehade-Aiello.

Happiness Lifestyle is the lighthouse to bring you home to the real you.


I Believe

  • In keeping it simple; wellness doesn’t need to add more confusion and overwhelm to your plate.
  • In the healing power of plants and the soul-filled deliciousness of whole foods.
  • That when you amplify your awareness, the ‘right’ choices to make are the easiest.


  • That health and happiness are inextricably linked.
  • That small tweaks can snowball into an avalanche of radical change and full-to-the-brim happiness.
  • Mindset is important; detoxification is a factor; and balance is key.


  • In loving yourself first and foremost; in nurturing the most important relationship in your life.
  • That your mind is more powerful than you know; and true transformation occurs only when you nourish your mind, your body, AND your soul.
  • When we look within ourselves for solutions, the path to happiness becomes the most-direct route.


It took me a serious dance on the dark side to realise those inner battles and lack of self-respect only lead to outer chaos.

My life was a never-ending time lapse of fear and anxiety. I knew so much about how to live an amazing life, and yet I wasn’t doing it.

Instead, all my time and energy was spent living for others. Acceptance was the only thing that mattered to me. I was crushed by inadequacy and self-doubt.

That was when things really started to fall apart.

In 2007, I became chronically ill and was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. As my condition moved in, life moved out. I became totally unreliable, not knowing when an attack of vertigo or nausea would start or end. After visiting doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, I was finally told, “there’s nothing we can do”.

His tone was frozen in B flat; I was frozen in defeat.

Little did I know life was about to throw me another curveball.

My doctor handed me a diagnosis for yet another disease:
Graves, an autoimmune condition, meaning an overactive thyroid
that was also incurable.

The recommendation?
Take radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid
and then take synthetic hormones for the rest of my life.


I felt it in the centre of my core; this wasn’t okay. I decided I wasn’t going to let this grim prescription set the course.

This wasn’t an ‘aha’ moment, it was a smack around the head with a cold dose of reality.

And the start of the most incredible transformation of my life.

My diseases encouraged me to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out.

I learned to listen to my body, food became my medicine,
I detoxed, embraced clean eating, cut out sodium, grains and other inflammatory foods;
rediscovered me and finally stepped up and committed to
my ongoing journey of self-realisation and change.

My disease became my most brilliant teacher, in teaching me to LIVE.

It taught me that wellness isn’t just about nutrition, but a complete overhaul rooted in the right mindset.

It taught me from a place of self-discovery, self-love and self-healing.
Honouring my body AND mind allowed me to rest and renew.

My head started overflowing with ideas and my heart caught on fire. 

I stopped asking WHY and started asking HOW I could make a difference. 

I furthered my studies to become a Certified Nutrition Health Coach and Life Transformation Mentor
and before long, Happiness Lifestyle was born.

Months later, I was back in the doctor’s office. But this time it was different.

My thyroid levels were back in normal range and I was officially Graves Disease free.

And in that moment, I knew I was living, breathing proof that the body can heal itself.

Even though chronic illness can feel like a life-sentence,
I want to lovingly tell you not to let anyone dictate the prognosis of your life.

You are in control.

I’m here to help you feel comfortable in the driver’s seat.

In this space I coach, speak, love

Through my transformative virtual programs (coming soon), 1:1 coaching and mentoring,
I help soul-searchers like you drop the out-dated limiting beliefs
and embrace a new love-driven perspective.

You don’t need to hit rock bottom like I did.
I’ve taken the hit for you, so it can light your way.

That life you’ve always dreamed of?
You deserve all of it.
And I’m here to help you make it happen.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Let’s start your journey together